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Madeira Mandolin Festival – Festival Internacional de Bandolins da…

I have recently started to collect videos with the mandolin orchestras from Madeira. Madeira has a long tradition of mandolin orchestras.

In 2016 the first Madeira Mandolin Festival took place. I have found several great videos made during this festival with the Edu Miranda Trio, Luís Peixoto and Norberto Cruz.

Edu Miranda Trio is playing some great Choros, Luís Peixoto plays two solo pieces on the cavaquinho, and Norberto Cruz plays a Sonata by Carlos Seixas.

Playlist Madeira Mandolin Festival 2016

The second Madeira Mandolin Festival took place in 2017. It included concerts and workshops with Hamilton da Holanda and Fernando Barroso and concerts with Mandolin Orchestras from Madeira.

Additional Information

Website Madeira Mandolin Festival

Website Madeira Mandolin Association

Facebook: Associação de Bandolins da Madeira – Madeira Mandolin Association

youtube: Madeira Mandolin Association

youtube channel Fernando Barroso






Zigeunerweisen – Two great Mandolin Videos from Japan

Capriccio Zingaresco ジプシー風綺想曲 Ryo Aoyama  Mandolin マンドリン

The Capriccio Zingaresco by Enrico Marucelli is beeing played by the young Japanese mandolin player Ryo Aoyama.

Zigeunerweisen / Izumi Toru (Mandolin) , Fujii Yumi (pf)

Playlist Zigeunerweisen

I have compiled many versions of this famous piece, played by the mandolin players Izumi Toru and Onishi Kozo, by the mandolin orchestras from Madeira and  Beer Sheva (Israel), …


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Free sheet music by Pablo de Sarasate at IMSLP:

aa mandolin guitar

Metallica – Toto – REM – on Mandolin, Mandola,…

Madeira must be a good place for mandolins – at the moment there are 17 mandolin orchestras and tunas on Madeira. Activities of those orchestras can be found on the website of the Associacion de Bandolins de Madeira http://www.bandolins-madeira.net/

A group of four players with mandolin, mandola (octave mandolin), guitar and bass has arranged some popular rock songs by Metallica, Toto and R.E.M. and has made several videos in their youtube channel  http://www.youtube.com/user/cromandolin

Nothing Else Matters

This is a cover of Metallica.’s Nothing Else Matters. Played by Claudio (guitar), Élio (mandolin), Énio (bass) and Silvino (mandola).
The arrangement for mandolin and mandola was made by Élio in the style of Apocalyptica.
Recorded on Sep. 14, 2009.

Losing my religion (R.E.M. cover)

Africa (Toto cover)

This is a cover of Toto’s Africa. Played by Claudio (guitar), Élio (mandolin), Énio (bass) and Silvino (mandola).
Recorded on Sep. 7, 2009.


It’s my life (Bon Jovi cover)

Additional information

Website Bandolins de Madeira: http://www.bandolins-madeira.net/

More videos from Madeira: http://www.youtube.com/user/bandolinsmadeira

youtube channel cromandolin: http://www.youtube.com/user/cromandolin