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Munier ❁ Adagio e Rondo ❁ Op. 176 ❁…

Op. 176 by Carlo Munier is the Adagio e Rondo. I have found a recording of this composition by a mandolin orchestra from Korea.

This piece has been composed for mandolin quartet or mandolin orchstra, but there is also a version for two mandolins and piano:

20051119 Adagio e Rondo (C.Munier)

Carlo Munier – Adagio e Rondo

2005/11/19 – Regular Concert
Soongsil University Mandolin Orchestra
Seoul, Korea

This is the beginning of the Adagio (1st mandolin):

And the beginning of the Rondo (1st mandolin):


Enjoy the  Adagio and Rondo by Carlo Munier!

aa mandolin guitar

Ugo Orlandi – Mandolin / Great videos from the…

Ugo Orlandi has been the most famous classical mandolin player in Italy for the last 20 years. He has recorded many CDs and has played with many of the important chamber orchestras. Many years ago I have attended a workshop with Ugo Orlandi.

I have just discovered three new videos with Ugo Orlandi from a festival in Korea. I am very impressed by his relaxed playing and his way to hold the mandolin. He is sitting on his chair and holds the mandolin as if he would play in a standing position. By this his right arm is almost parallal and in one direction with the strings, a position that is optimal for the right hand picking.

But also his left hand moves arount the fretboard very easy – it is a pleasure to watch him play.

Enjoy the videos with Ugo Orlandi!

5th korea mandolin festival_ 만돌린 Fantasia Poetica-R.Calace

5th korea mandolin festival_ 만돌린 _Filippo sauli_ugo orlandi.wmv

5th korea mandolin festival_ 만돌린 _La Fustenberg _ugo orlandi.wmv

I have found one other video where Ugo Orlandi plays standing

Ugo Orlandi: mandolino di A. Vivaldi Concerto in do magg.avi

Ugo Orlandi mandolino Orchestra A. Vivaldi di valle Camonica dirige Silvio Maggioni

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Bundang Mandolin Orchestra – Vita Mandolinistica in Korea

The Bundang Mandolin Orchestra from Korea has recently had its 9th subscription concert.

This is the only mandolin orchestra from Korea that I know. The orchestra plays a traditional style of mandolin orchestra music with traditional pieces and arrangements of popular tunes.

I have selected a piece by Dutch composer Joh. B. KokVita Mandolinistica – a piece that is well known in German (and Dutch) mandolin orchestras:

The 9th Subscription Concert
Bundang Mandolin Orchestra
Conductor: YoonSook, Seo
2009-10-31 5pm
Sungnam Art Center – Ensemble Theater

MinSoon Park is a member and sub-conducter of the Bandung Mandolin Orchestra, on his myspace site I have found the following:

MinSoon Park start playing violin from 7 years old with just 1 year official lesson and still enjoy playing famous concertos / pieces
He played mandolin for over 19 years without any professional lessons.
In 2009, he entered BaekSeok Musical Graduate School (major mandolin). And it is the first time in korea majoring mandolin.

His wife HyeJung Chun also has exact same career and they made duet ‘Mandolin BOO-BOO’.

They also play mandolin with SoongSil University Mandolin Orchestra.

MinSoon Park teaches and sub-conduct Bundang Mandolin Orchestra.

Playliste Bundang Mandolin Orchestra

Playlist with the complete concert and some more videos of the orchestra, a quartett and solo pieces played by MinSoon Park.

Homepage von MinSoon Park: http://www.mandolin.kr/

MinSoon Park at Myspace: myspace

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