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Chica Torpedo – Du bisch i mim Haerz –…

Some days ago I have watched Swiss movie – Frühling im Herbst – Spring in Autumn. In this movie a dance instructor from Argentina comes for a visit to Switzerland. During the movie a song played by a band has an important role.

The song – Du bisch i mim Haerz (you are in my heart) is played by the Swiss band Chica Torpedo, the singer is Schmidi Schmidhauser who sings this typical Cuban song in his native language, the Swiss dialect from Berne.

Schmidi Schmidhauser plays a Tres Cubano, a small guitar shaped instrument with 3 double strings. This instrument is typical for the Cuban dance music. In some of the videos with Chica Torpedo you can see and hear the tres. Other instruments played in this group are guitar, bass, several percussion instruments and a brass section.

I liked the song with this very special mix of Cuban sound and Swiss dialect very much.

Chica Torpedo – Du bisch i mim Haerz

Chica Torpedo – Margareta

CHICA TORPEDO Live am Afro-Pfingsten Festival 2010

Additional Information

Homepage Chica Torpedo: http://www.chicatorpedo.ch

youtube channel Chica Torpedo with more videos: http://www.youtube.com/user/chicatorpedo

Wikipedia about the  Tres Cubano: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tres

Atlas of Plucked Instruments with the  Tres Cubano: http://www.atlasofpluckedinstruments.com/central_america.htm

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Tin Tin Tini Mini Hanim – A Folk Dance…

In the homepage of DUNAV – a homepage dedicated to the folk danes of eastern Europe and Asia – I have recently discovered this simple but anyway interesting folk dance tune:  Tin Tin Tini Mini Hanim

The melody is composed of only 5 different notes, but it is possible to play this tune for a long time without becoming bored. It is also a nice tune for children as you can see in some of the videos that I have found.

Very interesting is the following video by the group Bustan Abraham from Israel. The tune starts with an improvisation on a banjo the sounds like it would introduce a bluegrass tune – but then follows the Turkish folk dance tune Tin Tin Tini Mini Halim for almost 10 minutes. Unfortunately this video is no more available – I have found another great version here:

Tini mini hanem

Tini Mini Hanem performed April 10, 2011 at Sanders Theatre by the Zamir Chorale of Boston conducted by Joshua Jacobson and members of Bustan Abraham with Mehmet Sanlikol. www.zamir.org.

Here another version with a group of woman who dance to the music:

In my playlist I have collected many difrerent versions, played by different groups as well as sung versions.

Enjoy this folk dance from Turkey: Tin Tin Tini Mini Hanim!

Playlist: Tin Tin Tini Mini Hanim

Additional Information

Lyrics with translation to English: http://www.shira.net/music/lyrics/tini-mini-hanim.htm

Sheet music and lyrics: http://www.frmartuklu.net/muzik-turleri-ve-enstrumanlari/129432-tin-tin-tini-mini-hanim-notalari.html

Sheet music – on the homepage www.baglamist.com you can find more sheet music of Turkish music: http://www.baglamist.com/t/tini-mini-hanim.htm

DUNAV Homepage – a great source vor video clips, sheet music, recordings and dance instructions: http://www.dunav.org.il/

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Kujawiak – A Famous Polish Dance by Henryk Wieniawski

The Kujawiak by Henry Wieniawaski belongs to the preferred pieces for recitals of young violin players – you can find many examples as youtube videos – here you can see the Kujawiak played by young violinist Martin Zayranow from Bulgaria:

Martin Zayranov Wieniawski Kuyawiak.avi

During the late 19th century this famous piece was also played by mandolin players. In 1894 Jean Pietrapertosa published his arrangement for the mandolin. I do also own a version for Mandolin Solo published in the collection A Variety of Mandolin Music – here is a screenshot from the first part of this arrangement:

In the english Wikipedia you can find the following description:

The Kujawiak is a Polish folk dance from the region of Kujawy in central Poland . It is one of the five national dances of Poland, the others being the krakowiak, mazur, oberek, and polonaise.

The music is in triple meter and fairly slow. The dance usually involves couples walking gracefully in a quarter-note (UK: crotchet) rhythm, on slightly bended knees, with relaxed turns and gently swaying. Women’s Kujawiak dances are also performed.

If you play a folk dance it is always recommended to watch a real dance to get a godd impression about the tempo and mood of the dance. This is a video with a danced Kujawiak:

You can find the complete original score for the Kujawiak by Henry Wieniawski in the IMSLP library (see below).

The piece is not that difficult, and sounds great with the chords on mandolin.

Let’s end this post with two great version played on the violin:

Henry Wieniawski “Mazurka”

Piotr JANOWSKI violin, “Kujawiak” by Henryk Wieniawski

More Information

Wikipedia  about Henryk Wieniawski: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henryk_Wieniawski

Free scores by Henryk Wieniawski in the IMSLP archive: http://imslp.org/wiki/Category:Wieniawski,_Henryk

Some other versions of Kujawiak dances from the ABC site: http://abcnotation.com/searchTunes?q=kujawiak&f=c&o=a&s=0