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♛ Emperor Waltz ♛ Johann Strauss jr. ♫ Free…

I have recently added a scan of the Emperor Waltz (Kaiserwalzer) by Johann Strauss jr. arranged for mandolin orchestra to my score catalogue at musicaneo. This arrangemet of the famous waltz for mandolin orchestra was made by Ferdinand Kollmaneck.

The waltzes by Johann Strauss have always been very popular and have often been played by mandolin orchestras, especially the most famous waltzes The Blue Danube, Artist’s Life and the Emperor Waltz.

In my playlist I have collected some versions of this waltz, you can find many more versions at youtube.

Playlist Emperor Waltz

By accident I have also found a version played by a mandolin orchestra from Lima. This orchestra plays a shortened version. The complete version by Strauss / Kollmaneck has a playing time of around 10 minutes.


Orquesta de Pulso y Pua Ciudad de Lima, concierto en la Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola, Lima, Peru, mayo 22 de 2007

Additional Information

Sheet music of the Emperor (or Imperial) Waltz for mandolin orchestra is available at musicaneo:

Free sheet music for the Emperor Waltz at IMSLP:

Wikipedia about Johann Strauss: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johann_Strauss_%28Sohn%29

Wikipedia about the Emperor Waltz: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kaiser-Walzer


Antonio Vivaldi – The Famous Guitar Concerto / Lute…

Today i have selected some videos of the concerto for lute, violins and basso continuo in d major by Antonio Vivaldi. This concerto is played quite often by different ensembles. I have played this many years ago together with the mandolin orchestra of Baden (Badisches Zupforchester).

The first video has just been added to youtube. The concerto is played by a large guitar ensemble from Japan:

The second video shows a version arranged for a guitar quartet, played by the Salzburger Gitarrenquartett:

Salzburger Gitarrenquartett – Antonio Vivaldi: Konzert D-Dur

Antonio Vivaldi:Konzert D-Dur
aufgenommen 2004

Three videos show a version played by Prof. Borris Bagger (guitar) and the Estonian National Symphony Orchestra

Antonio Vivaldi, Guitar Concerto in D, 1st Mvt, played and arranged by Boris Björn Bagger – http://www.borisbagger.de,

live concert in Tallinn / Estonia, 30.9.2005, conductor: Leslie B. Dunner (USA), Estonian National Symphony Orchestra (http://www.erso.ee ), sheet music and CD available here: http://www.edition49.de (arrangements for several instruments are available)

Prof. Boris Björn Bagger is teaching guitar at the University of Music Karlsruhe / Germany, http://www.hfm-karlsruhe.de

Finally a version that might be quite close to the original version that was played in Vivaldis time – with a lute, two violins and a small portable organ (portativ)

Vivaldi Lute Concerto in D major

Michael Fields plays Vivaldi’s lute concerto at Sastamala Gregoriana Festival in Finland, July 2008, accompnied by members of New Trinity Baroque. His instrument is an archlute by Stephen Gottlieb.

Enjoy the guitar concerto in d-major by Antonio Vivaldi.

Sheet music for this concerto is available in the ISLP archive: