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Songbook Choro

Remexendo – a happy Choro by Radamés Gnatalli

Today I have listened to another choro from the Songbook Choro – Remexendo – a happy choro by Radamés Gnatalli .

On my homepage MandoIsland I am working on a projec twhere I try to find videos and additional information about the 97 choros contained in the Songbook Choro. The Songbook Choro project pages can be found here: http://www.mandoisland.de/choro_songbook.html

Remexendo is being played on different instruments. In my playlist below you can find versions with two guitars, piano and percussion, accordeon and electric guitar, flute, but also versions in a typical choro arrangement with bandolim, cavaquinho, pandeiro and guitar.

One of my favorite version is played by a big ensemble of wind instruments:

Remexendo – Fuiosa Portátil com Época de Ouro na rádio nacional

Playlist Remexendo

Additional Information

Songbook Choro project on my homepage MandoIsland: http://www.mandoisland.de/choro_songbook.html

aa mandolin guitar

Marcelo Fortuna and the Ensemble BARBACUTE – Klezmer and…

Another interesting ensemble with Marcelo Fortuna is the  Ensemble BARBACUTE.

This group plays Klezmer music and Brasilian Choro music.

Marcelo Fortuna plays the cavaquinho, the other instruments are clarinet, recorde, violoncello and bass.

Enjoy the ensemble BARBACUTE!


Antonio Carrilho (Recorder)
Fausto Corneo (Clarinet)
Marcelo Fortuna (Cavaquinho – “Brazilian ukulele”)
Edoardo Sbaffi (Cello)
Miguel Leiria Pereira (Double bass)

aa mandolin guitar

Marcelo Fortuna (Guitar) – Orquestra de Cordas Brasileiras –…

Yesterday I have discovered the youtube chanel of Marcelo Fortuna. In this youtube channel you can discover many interesting videos.

Marcelo Fortuna has studied guitar in Brazil and Portugal. He lives in Portugaql now and teaches guitar. This is the information from his homepage:

He studied composition at the School of Music of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, and orchestration at the Brazilian School of Music under the tutelage of Maestro Nelson de Macêdo. Later, he studied for his bachelor’s degree in guitar with Turíbio Santos and Léo Soares, and harmony with Ian Guest.

He was one of the founder members of the Orchestra of Brazilian Strings, and with them he made three recordings which were adjudged the best instrumental works of 1991 and 1992, and for which he received 3 Sharp awards. In addition to this, he has also collaborated on various recordings as instrumentalist and arranger.

As a composer, he has been considerably influenced by the Brazilian Nationalist School of Heitor Villa-Lobos, Luciano Gallet, Radamés Gnattali, Guerra – Peixe, and Francisco Mignone; also by the Armorial Movement of Ariano Suassuna, and by his long experience as a musician of “choro” and samba. More recently, his compositions have aroused great interest among well-known concert artists, who, as well as recording some of his works, have also commissioned pieces.

He completed his bachelor’s degree in guitar at the Escola Superior de Música of Lisbon in July 1999, under the direction of professors Piñero Nagy and Antonio Gonçalves.

He is currently a Guitar Teacher at various Music Conservatories

Marcelo Fortuna plays mostly Brazilian music, but also classical music and Klezmer.

There are many videos of two of his groups, the Lisbon Choro Trio and the Duo CHORUS, I have compiled two playlist witt the videos of those two groups.

The Lisbon Choro Trio

The Lisbon Choro Trio live at the Casa da America Latina – Lisbon – Portugal

Marcelo Fortuna – Guitar and musical direction
Lidia Serejo – Flute
Ruca Rebordão – Percussion



Duo CHORUS (Marcelo Fortuna and Lídia Serejo) live at the BYBLOS – Lisbon – Portugal

A very special video is the video about the history of the Orquestra de Cordas Brasileiras. It shows pictures and scans of newspaper articles about this ensemble that has recorded three CDs and won several prices. And you can hear a piece played by this ensemble. This plectum ensamble was composed of bandolim, cavaquinho, viola caipira, guitar, 7-string guitar and double bass.


Orquestra de Cordas Brasileiras – A History

Founded in 1987. Winner of 3 SHARP Awards
Orquestra de Cordas Brasileiras
Mandolin: Afonso Machado, Rodrigo Lessa, Alexandre de la peña, Marcílio Lopes
“Cavaquinho” (Brazilian ukulele): Henrique Cazes, Jayme Vignolli
“Viola Caipira” (Brazilian country guitar): Marcus Ferrer, Marcelo Fortuna
Guitar: Bartolomeu Wiese, Luiz Flávio Alcofra
7 Strings Guitar:Josimar Carneiro
Double Bass: Omar Cavalheiro
Percussion:Beto Cazes, Oscar Bolão
Music: Garoa (Marcus Ferrer)

In the youtube channel of Marcelo Fortuna you can find many more interesting videos.

Free sheet music for guitar

On the homepage of Marcelo Fortuna you can find more information and also several free arrangements of brazilian music and choro for guitar and other instruments.

Additional information

youtube channel of Marcelo Fortuna: http://www.youtube.com/user/guitarfort

Homepage Marcelo Fortuna: http://www.marcelofortuna.com/

Chiquinho, Raphael Rabello e Orquestra de Cordas Brasileiras at grooveshark:


Songbook Choro – A GINGA DO MANÉ (JACOB DO…

The choro A Ginga do mané is the first choro contained in the songbook choro. On my homepage some time ago I have started a project to present all the 97 choros from the songbook choro with youtube videos and more interesting information. Now again I have started to work on this project, and I have changed my system – I will present 5 or 6 choros on one page with one video for each choro added by links to other videos and more information. In some cases I do also use this blog to prepare an extra page with more videos of a special choro  – in this case the choro A Ginga do mané.

This choro by Jacob do Bandolim is obviously not composed for the bandolim – the melody goes down in some cases below the G, the lowest note on a bandolim. It was obviously played initially on a Violão Tenor like in this first video:

Choro “A Ginga Do Mané” (Jacob do Bandolim) – Som Brasileiro

Chorinho “A GINGA DO MANÉ” de Jacob Bittencourt do Bandolim, aqui interpretado pelo Regional de Choro Conjunto Som Brasileiro, no ano de 1990, em entrevista de televisão, fomado pelos músicos:
* Professor Sergio Napoleão Belluco (Violão 7 Cordas);
* Alessandro dos Santos Penezzi, aos 16 anos (Violão Tenor);
* Taufik Cury (Violão 6 Cordas);
* Derio Lovadino (Cavaquinho);
* Raul Leite (Pandeiro).

(Arquivo Raíssa Amaral & Sergio N. Belluco – Piracicaba / SP – Brasil)


The  Violão Tenor is a smaller guitar with four strings, it can be a resonator modell like the one just seen which was produced by the Del Vecchio company in Brazil, but it can also be a normal model built like aclassical guitar as you can see in the next video:

Ginga do Mané (Jacob do Bandolim)

Choro a Ginga do Mané de Jacob Bittencourt do Bandolim.

* Pedro Amorim – Violão Tenor;
* Maurício Carrilho – Violão de 6 Cordas;
* Luiz Otávio Braga – Violão de 7 Cordas;
* Jayme Moraes – Cavaquinho.

Tributo a Jacob do Bandolim
(Arquivo Raíssa Amaral & Professor Sergio Napoleão Belluco – Piracicaba / SP – Brasil)


It might be that the  Violão Tenor was constructed after the 4 stringed tenor banjo, so here is a video where the melody of this choro is played on a banjo:

Choro das Três – Chorinho Brasil – Brazilian Music

Choro A ginga do Mané, executado pelo Choro das 3 durante o programa de rádio Chorinho Brasil com apresentação do radialista João Tomas do Amaral e participação especial do Sr. Gallani no cavaco.

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