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Beethoven – March from the Opera Fidelio – Free…

The sheet music by Ferdinand Kollmaneck (11.2.1871 Wien – 13.7.1941 Leipzig) is in the Public Domain since the beginning of this year. Kollmaneck was a zither player and composer who has composed pieces for mandolin orchestra and has published arrangements for mandolin orchestras in his publishing company Hella in Leipzig.

I own several pieces composed or arranged by Kollmaneck and have begun to make scans and upload those to my website.

The first two little pieces are the march from the opera Fidelio by Ludwig van Beethoven and a piece for glockenspiel and mandolin orchestra by Kollmaneck that have been published in 1923.

Marsch from the opera Fidelio by Ludwig van Beethoven.

I have found the following version of this march for piano four hands, an arrangement by Zemlinsky:

Marsch aus Fidelio

The second example is the scene that comes before the march from a performance of Fidelio at the Metropolitan Opera in 2000 –  the march begins at ca. 7:24:

Fidelio, Act 1.3 – “Gut, Söhnchen, gut,” Marsch

From a 2000 production of Beethoven’s Fidelio at the Met. Karita Mattila (Leonore), Jennifer Welch-Babidge (Marzelline), René Pape (Rocco). Jürgen Flimm, production; James Levine, conductor.

The second piece has the title “Die Spieldose”  (The Music Box) and is a composition for glockenspiel and mandolin orchestra which might be interesting for a beginners orchestra:

Additional Information

Free sheet music by Ferdinand Kollmaneck on my website www.mandoisland.de on page Free Sheet Music

Informationen about Ferdinand Kollmaneck from http://www.zitherinthecity.com/site/zi_wrmusiker.htm

Ferdinand Kollmaneck (11.2.1871 Wien – 13.7.1941 Leipzig)
Zitherspieler (»Wiener Secessionsensemble« gemeinsam mit Eduard Nikl, Anton Smetak, Leonie Scholz-Krauskopf, Josephine Novy und Ludwig Zboril), Erfinder der »Ideal-Reformzither« , Komponist (auch zahlreiche Chor- und Orchesterwerke), Dirigent, Lehrer, Autor einer zweibändigen Zitherschule, Inhaber einer Zitherschule, Herausgeber der Zeitschrift »Chronik der Volksmusik« , Musikverleger (Musikverlag »Hella« )

Free sheet music by Ludwig van  Beethoven – Fidelio – at IMSLP: http://imslp.org/wiki/Fidelio,_Op.72_%28Beethoven,_Ludwig_van%29

There you can also find an arrangement of the march by Beethoven for two pianos eight hands.




historical recordings

“Love’s Dream after the Ball” ♫ Waltz / Intermezzo…

Some days ago I have made a scan of a nice piece for mandolin orchestra and have uploaded it to my website mandoisland and to the IMSLP site.

It’s a composition by Alphons Czibulka with the great title:

Songe D’Amour Apres le Bal / Liebestraum nach dem Balle / Love’s Dream after the Ball

This is the article about Alphons Czibulka in the German Brockhaus-Riemann dictionary of music:

Czibulka [‘tsibulko], Alphons, * 14.5.1842 Szepes- Várallya (Ungarn), † 27.10.1894 Wien; ung. Komponist, Armeekapellmeister in Wien, schrieb sechs Operetten und zahlreiche Tanzmusikstücke. Bekannt geblieben ist die Stephanie-Gavotte.
[Brockhaus-Riemann Musiklexikon: Czibulka, S. 1. Digitale Bibliothek Band 38: Brockhaus Riemann – Musiklexikon, S. 2386 (vgl. BRM Bd. 1, S. 288) (c) Schott Musik International]

Czibulka has composed several operettas, and his most famous piece is the Stephanie Gavotte. I think that Love’s Dream after the Ball is a great piece and I like to listen to it very much. So maybe the sheet music of this piece for mandolin orchestra will be played by some mandolin orchestra.

There are some videos of this composition at youtube, with the title in the three different languages.

This is a historical recording of the piece:

“Songe D’Amour Apres le Bal” Waltz (Czibulka) Played by Dajos Bela & His Orchestra C 1930

Playlist Songe D’amour Apres le Bal

Additional Information

Free sheet music for piano or mandolin orchestra on the IMSLP site:


Historical recordings with compositions by Alphons Czibulka (Love’s Dream after the Ball, Stephanie Gavotte, Nightingale Waltz u. a.)  in the National Library of the Library of Congress :


Free sheet music for mandolin, guitar, mandolin orchestra on my website  www.mandoisland.de on page “free sheet music”

Sheet music by A. Czibulka in the National Library of Autralia:


mandolin methods

Free Download of Mandolin Methods by C. Fischer &…

Some days ago I have discovered two very interesting mandolin methods in the digital archive of the University of Rochester. The mandolin methods can be downloaded for free.

In this archive I have also discovered a collection of Neapolitan Songs from the 19th century collected by Vincenzo De Meglio.

The first method is

C. Fischer’s

New and Revised Edition

of Celebrated Tutors

Method for the Mandolin

Copyright 1891 by Carl Fischer

This method contains many pieces and exercises and is a nice collection for beginner and intermediate students.

C. Fischer’s Method for the mandolin (1890/1891)

Download: http://hdl.handle.net/1802/15629

Diagram of the mandolin from this method:

The second method is part 1 of the Méthode complète, théorique et pratique, de mandoline par J. Pietrapertosa Fils. This french method has been published in 1903 in France. The second part of this method is available on my homepage.

Méthode complète, théorique et pratique, de mandoline par J. Pietrapertosa Fils (1903)

Download: http://hdl.handle.net/1802/15630

I have just added a scan of a collection of 26 Italian songs (Celebri Canti Popolari Italiani, part 4) to my homepage, and when I seached for similar books I found a collection of Neapolitan Songs published in the 19th century by Vincenzo De Meglio (1825-1883). The scan of this collection is also available in the digital archive of the University of Rochester.

Eco di Napoli; 100 celebri canzoni popolari napolitane per canto e pianoforte colla traduzione italiana, raccolte dal maestro Vincenzo de Meglio.

Download: http://hdl.handle.net/1802/14113

More free downloads of mandolin methods and other  Homepage: www.mandoisland.de

favorite tunes

David Grisman – Tipsy Gypsy – A Great Swing…

A great swing tune by David GrismanTipsy Gypsy.

This is a great tune if you want to start with jazz or swing mandolin. You can find free TABs and sheet music on the Mandozine homepage.

David Grisman played and conducted this with participants of the Mandolin Syposium 2006 – a great performance:

Dawg Ensemble – Mandolin Symposium 2006

Adam Steffey and Kym Warner played Tipsy Gypsy with just two mandolins:

Adam Steffey & Kym Warner – Tipsy Gypsy

Playlist with more versions of Tipsy Gypsy

Tabs and sheet music for Tipsy Gypsy are available on the Mandozine homepage (you need tabledit to view / print / play this):


TABS and sheet music for guitar: http://www.flatpick.com/lessons/september2008.html