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Benzinho – A Great Choro by Jacob do Bandolim…

Benzinho is Chor No. 15 in the Songbook Choro which contains 97 typical Choros from Brazil. This is one of the often played and well known Choros by Jacob do Bandolim.

Here are some videos of Benzinho. First I have a typical Brazilian version from a pub with a lot of noise – but thats how it sounds in Brazil:


Then a version with two guitars, a more jazzy version:

Michele Ramo & Howard Alden “Benzinho”

Finally a version by a group named Choro Bandido, with the solo played on a violin – not very typical for Brazilian choro – but very interesting:

Choro Bandido – Benzinho

You can find a lot of other versions of Benzinho at youtube – which is your favorite version?

Playlist Songbook Chor 15 – Benzinho

Additional Information

More posts about choros from Songbook Choro:

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Choro Bandido website, with many more sound examples: http://www.chorobandido.co.uk/




Edu Miranda Trio – Tico Tico no Fubá –…

During the last days I have practiced Tico Tico no Fubá – I really want to be able to play this fantastic composition on my mandolin. So I searched for interesting videos of Tico Tico. My favorite video ist the following fantastic performance by the Edu Miranda Trio:

TICO TICO NO FUBÁ – Edu Miranda Trio DVD

Edu Miranda , Tuniko Goulart e Giovani Goulart ao vivo

Edu Miranda has his roots in Brazil, but moved to Portugal in 1989. There he mixed his Brazilian origins with the local music from Portugal to create his own sound.

Thats what he writes about this on his myspace page:

When it arrived at Portugal in 1989, Edu Miranda’s musical identification with the Portuguese culture was immediate. His mandolin, genuinely Brazilian, was enchanted with the music that he found at Portugal, doing that the “choro” and the samba that formed him in Brazil, acquired a new accent.

Te Edu Miranda Trio is composed of Edu Miranda on the Bandolim, the Brazilian mandolin,  Giovanni Goulart (drums) and Tuniko Goulart (synth-guitar). Edu Miranda has a fantastic technique on his bandolin, Tuniko is able to produce very interesting sound on hius synth-guitar, and Giovani Goulart plays the rhythmic base on his drumset. All three show a lot of fun with the music they play and much humor – as you can see in the middle of the Tico Tico video when Tuniko starts his solo on the synth-guitar.

Although this trio does not resemble a typical choro ensemble and reminds me more to a jazz trio, the sound that it produces is mostly typical choro with some jazz influences.

There are videos from a complete concert with many tunes.

Playlist with videos of the  Edu Miranda Trio

Playlist with different Tico Tico no Fubá videos

Additional information

Homepage Edu Miranda: http://www.edumiranda.com/

Myspace page Edu Miranda: http://www.myspace.com/edumirandabandolim

youtube channel Edu Miranda: http://www.youtube.com/user/bandulaim

A new CD with Edu Miranda and his trio (Amazon partnerlink)

Outros Choros Do Brazil by Aquarela, Oboman Fillon, Edu Miranda, Tuniko Goulart


Victor Solomin – Domra / Electric Domra – Astor…

Last year I watched some videos of Victor Solomin and his band. Victor plays the domra, but he does not only play traditional and classical music on his domra, but also a lot of jazz with his band.

Today I found a new video of Victor Solomin with a great performance of Libertango by Astor Piazzolla played on the domra with piano accompanyment:

Victor Solomin Fantazia to Libertango by Astor Piazzolla Victor Solomin domra Alexey Bogolubov piano

I first found Victor Solomin’s profile when I looked for recordings of Stings song Fragile. Victor Solomin played a fantastic version of Fragile on his Domra:

Fragile (Sting) – Played by Victor Solomin and his Band – Domra

You can also find an interesting version of “Spain” by Chick Corea and many more jazz videos, also a set of classical performances of compositions by J. S. Bach and Schmittke

Totally different is the following new song by Nadin Branitskaya and the Solomin Band:

Весна Spring

SOLOMINBAND Music by Victor Solomin, words by Dar’ya Gorbatcheva, vocal – Nadin Branitskaya

Additional Information

youtube channel Solomin Band: http://www.youtube.com/user/SOLOMINBAND

Homepage Solomin Band (also available in English): http://www.solomin.org.ua/eng/

CD recommendation (Amazon partnerlink)

All This Time – Sting


Stephane Wrembel – Gypsy Jazz Guitar – Vicky Cristina…

Stephane Wrembel was born in France and grew up there. For many years he played the music of Django Reinhardt and the gypsies. Later he studied at the Berklee College of Music and has been living in New York City for about 10 years now.

Stephane Wrembel has recorded several CDs  and has compiled a method for the gypsy jazz guitar.

If you like to play this kind of music, you should visit Stepahn Wrembel’s homepage http://www.stephanewrembel.com/. There you can find a set of playalong files for gypsy jazz tunes like Minor Swing, All of Me, Nuages, Sweet Georgia Brown and many more. That’s a fantastic resource for learning and practicing gypsy jazz music.

Stephane Wrembel Trio with David Grisman – Gypsy Rumble

In 2008 Stephane Wrembel has recorded his last CD Gypsy Rumble, with David Grisman on mandolin as a special guest. If you like the mandolin playing of David Grisman and gypsy jazz music – then I can recommend this CD for you.

One track from this CD – Big Brother – has been selected by Woody Allen for his movie Vicky Cristina Barcelona. Big Brother is a beautiful slow tune in gypsy jazz style – a tune that I like very much.

There has been a short review of this CD in the mandolin Cafe: http://www.mandolincafe.com/news/publish/mandolins_00980.shtml

A video of this piece is also available at youtube.

The Stephane Wrembel Trio – Big Brother

Playlist with more videos with Stephane Wrembel:

Vicky Christina Barcelona (Amazon partnerlink)

Gypsy Rumble (Amazon partnerlink)