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Illustrated Sheet Music Collection – Scans of more than…

Sometimes I like to look at the covers of old sheet music editions. Recently I have often used the Illustrated Sheet Music Collection at http://www.imagesmusicales.be/ besucht.

On this page you can find a collection of sheet music from the time between 1890 and 1940. More than 10000 covers of sheet music have been scanned and can be viewed online. You can also search trough the collection. This collection does also include compositions for guitar, mandolin, banjo or ukulele and you can find pictures of those instruments on the covers.

This is a private collection of more than 10.000 illustrated sheet music mostly from between 1890 and 1940, with a particular interest for Art Nouveau and Art Deco. Although the collection centers around French illustrators (68%) it also contains hundreds of beautiful illustrations from Belgium (13%), the United States (6%), Great Britain (4%), Italy, Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, Argentina, etc.

Welcome to our sheet music collection!

These are randomly selected images of vintage sheet music covers. Click Home to refresh, or click the browse and search links in the upper right menu to view many more illustrations grouped by art style, illustrator, publisher, song title, music genre, or topic…

On the home page a randomly chosen selection of some covers is displayed – this is an example:

Using the search you can search for illustrators, composers, singers, texters and words contained in the titles of the sheet music.

A great site for everybody whjo loves old sheet music!

Website Illustrated Sheet Music: http://www.imagesmusicales.be/

Guitar, Banjo and Ukulele Music: http://www.imagesmusicales.be/search/topic/Guitars%252C-Banjo%252C-Ukelele/1076/ShowImages/8/Submit/



Scottish Fiddle School – Jigs and Reels, Strathspeys and…

Every year in August there is a  Scottish Fiddle School on the Thompson Island close to Boston.

For one week you can learn how to play fiddle in the Scottish style, but there are also courses for guitar, cello or bagpipes, and the fiddle style of Cape Breton.

On the website of the Scottish Fiddle School you can find lists with the tunes played every year as well as a compilation of sheet music provided by the teachers for the students. For every year you can find a set of 20 – 30 selected tunes in a PDF document.

If you like to play this kind of music you can easily get enough music for the next wekks – a great collection of Scottish tunes playable on fiddle but also on the mandolin.

The sheet music collections for the last years are available on: http://scottishfiddleschool.org/music/


One of the teachers at the Scottish Fiddle Scholl is Hanneke Cassel, a great fiddle player that I have discovered some years ago. I have compiled a playlist with some interesting youtube videos with Hanneke Cassel:

Playlist Hanneke Cassel

Read more “Scottish Fiddle School – Jigs and Reels, Strathspeys and Waltzes – Free Sheet Music for Fiddle, Cello and Mandolin”


Abe Holzmann – Blaze-away / Smoky-Mokes / Hunky Dory…

Recently I have found the sheet music for mandolin of a famous march composed by Abe Holzmann: Blaze-Away. This march has been composed in the year 1901 and has remained popular until today.

From Wikipedia:

Abe Holzmann (19 August 1874 – 16 January 1939) was a German/American composer, who is most famous today for his march Blaze-Away!

A review originally published by the New York Herald on Sunday, 13t January 1901 entitled German Composer who Writes American Cakewalk Music describes “[h]is knowledge of bass and counterpoint is thorough, and his standard compositions bear the stamp of harmonic lore, which makes his proclivity for the writing of the popular style of music the more remarkable.”[3]

Abe married Isabelle Fishblatt around 1908, and he became the manager of the Orchestra Department at Jerome Remick & Company, music publisher in New York.[1] He was an early member (1923) of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP). He earned his livelihood as composer/arranger for Tin Pan Alley publishers, including Leo Feist. He later was advertising manager for the American Federation of Musicians publication, International Musician. He was a member of Freemasonry, the Elks, and Knights of Pythias, all in New York City.

Holzmann died in East Orange, New Jersey at age 64. He was survived by his widow, a daughter Natalie Holzmann, three half-brothers, and four sisters. His music was especially revered by ragtime enthusiasts, although he composed marches, waltzes, and other light music.

I have found a great video with a performance of Blaze-Away by a great banjo band, recorded in the year 1936 – this has been taken from the British Pathe archive:

Blaze Away – Raymonde and his Banjo Band (1936)

The fact that Blaze-Away is popular until today can be seen in the following two videos with violinis André Rieu – and a very enthusiastic audience from Vienna and a complete football stadium in Kerkrade:

Andre Rieu – Blaze away 2011

If you like to add another popular march to your mandolin orchestra’s repertoir you might be interested in the sheet music of Blaze-Away by Abe Holzmann. The sheet music is available on my website.

The title pages of works by Abe Holzmann show the fact that Holzmann’s music has been arranged for mandolin, guitar, zither or banjo in the early days already.



Another popular composition by Abe Holzmann is Smoky Mokes. Ihave selected two videos, the first with banjo-mandolin and guitar:

Smoky Mokes — played by Dennis Pash and Meredith Axelrod

Playliste Smoky Mokes – Abe Holzmann


Additional Information

Wikipedia about Abe Holzmann: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abe_Holzmann

Sheet music by Abe Holzmann can be found in several archives with digitized sheet music. I have collected the best links in the following link collection:


The sheet music of Blaze-Away for mandolin orchestra can be found on my website www.mandoisland.de and on the IMSLP site.

Historical recordings of works by Abe Holzmann in the National Jukebox of the Library of Congress (Playlist), including banjo versions of Blaze-Away and Hunky-Dory:


Historical recordings of works by Abe Holzmann in the Internet Archive

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♛ Emperor Waltz ♛ Johann Strauss jr. ♫ Free…

I have recently added a scan of the Emperor Waltz (Kaiserwalzer) by Johann Strauss jr. arranged for mandolin orchestra to my score catalogue at musicaneo. This arrangemet of the famous waltz for mandolin orchestra was made by Ferdinand Kollmaneck.

The waltzes by Johann Strauss have always been very popular and have often been played by mandolin orchestras, especially the most famous waltzes The Blue Danube, Artist’s Life and the Emperor Waltz.

In my playlist I have collected some versions of this waltz, you can find many more versions at youtube.

Playlist Emperor Waltz

By accident I have also found a version played by a mandolin orchestra from Lima. This orchestra plays a shortened version. The complete version by Strauss / Kollmaneck has a playing time of around 10 minutes.


Orquesta de Pulso y Pua Ciudad de Lima, concierto en la Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola, Lima, Peru, mayo 22 de 2007

Additional Information

Sheet music of the Emperor (or Imperial) Waltz for mandolin orchestra is available at musicaneo:

Free sheet music for the Emperor Waltz at IMSLP:

Wikipedia about Johann Strauss: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johann_Strauss_%28Sohn%29

Wikipedia about the Emperor Waltz: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kaiser-Walzer