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Sweet Georgia Brown – With Mandolin and Guitar

I am currently working on a tune that I think everybody knows well – Sweet Georgia Brown. I have tried to play this every now and then, but now I am playing this together with a friend on two mandolins – so it’s time to learn it really good.

Before I begin with the mandolin versions I must first show this video that I have found on http://www.squidoo.com/sweet-georgia-brown and that is really great:

Sweet Georgia Brown med traktorkomp

Three guitars accompanied by a tractor

This tractor is really better than every metronome and drumset!

Now a great video with guitar and mandolin:

Guitar and Mandolin playing Sweet Georgia Brown

For lessons visit http://www.freeflatpickingvideos.com Curtis Jones (guitar) and Jeff Midkiff (mandolin) playing an acoustic version of Sweet Georgia Brown.

Another version that I like:

Arthur Smith – Sweet Georgia Brown On Mandolin

Playlist with more selected Sweet Georgia Brown videos

Now I have found enough examples – all I need more is practice, practice, practice!

Additional information

Tabs at mandozine (you need tabedit to view or print): http://www.mandozine.com/music/search_results.php?searchfor=Sweet+Georgia

Jethro Burns mandolin lessons: http://www.robcoleman.com/jethro/





Julian Lage – Jazz Guitar

Julian Lage is a young but already very successful jazz guitar player from the USA. Last year he has recorded his first Solo-CD Sounding Point with some special guests including Christ Thile and Bela Fleck.

The following video was made on the occasion of the CD release. Julian Lage tells about his childhood, how he got his first guitar, how he started to play jazz and also about  musicians that influenced him or helped him with this first CD.

Julian Lage – About his Album Sounding Point

Brilliant young guitarist Julian Lage talks about his debut solo album Sounding Point, released on Emarcy Records

Julian was just 12 years old when he was one of the young musical prodigy kids that played at the 2000 Grammy Awards:

Grammy Awards 2000 – Young Musical Prodigy Kids

Julian plays a guitar built by Linda Manzer – Linda builds beautiful guitars – but unfortunately they are too expensive for me.

I am curious how Julian will go on with his carrerer and which collaborations he well do in the future.

I have collected some other videos with Julian Lage in the following playlist:

Playlist Julian Lage

Additional information

Website Julian Lage: http://www.julianlage.com/

Linda Manzer Guitars: http://www.manzer.com/guitars/

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Renato Carosone – Tu Vuo’ Fa’ L’Americano – Piccolissima…

Renato Carosone was a famous Italian singer. The first song that I heard was Tu Vuo’ Fa’ L’Americano – a typical boogie woogie song of the 50s. In this song Raf Montrasio played a fantastic American style mandolin solo on a typical Italian bowlback mandolin.

Renato Carosone (3 January 1920 – 20 May 2001) was among the greatest figures of Italian music scene in the second half of the 20th century. He was also a modern performer of the so-called canzone napoletana, Naples’ song tradition. (Wikipedia)

Renato Carosone – Tu Vuo’ Fa’ L’Americano


Renato Carosone – Piccolissima Serenata

Recently I have watched some other videos with Renato Carosone, and I found this little Piccolissima Serenata which does also include a mandolin, this time it is a typical Italian mandolin melody.


Raf Montrasio does still play the mandolin, so here is a video recorded in 2009 during a guitar festival. Raf Montrasio plays a nice tune “La marcetta di papà” (Daddy’s little march), with an impressive glissando part. He is accompanied by Davide Facchini on the guitar.

Soave Guitar Festival 2009 – Raf Montrasio & Davide Facchini

Davide Facchini & Raf Montrasio
“La marcetta di papà” (Daddy’s little march)

Another video of the same tune: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G402SVtnAIU

Finally a typical jazz standard played by Raf Montrasio and Davide facchini:

How high the moon – Raf Montrasio & Davide Facchini

Additional Information

Official website Renato Carosone: http://www.renatocarosone.it/

Wikipedia about Renato Carosone: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Renato_Carosone

Duo Anita and Davide: www.anitadavideduo.com

Davide Facchini: www.myspace.com/davidefacchini

Myspace page of Raf Montrasio: www.myspace.com/rafmontrasio