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Ankordis Trio – Mandolin, Accordion and Piano

The Ankordis Trio is composed of Miki Nishiyama (mandolin), Giuliana Ferraboli (diatonic accordion) and Cetti Schinocca (piano).
The unique instrumenttion of this trio proposes a captivating repertoire that is easy to use for the public. The pieces are specially arranged for mandolin, diatonic accorion and piano and belong to the history of cinema (Morricone, Bacalov, Tiersen, Piovani …), tango (Piazzolla, Galliano, Canaro …), the French organ repertoire (Delicq ), of the Brazilian choro …

The Ankordis Trio has recorded their first CD Pizolla in 2017. A new CD is in preparation.

The Ankordis Trio has just added new videos from their latest concert in 
Bovegno, chiesa di San Rocco, 23 settembre 2018. You can also find more pictures and videos in the facebook profile of Ankoris Trio.

Playlist Ankordis Trio

Ankordis Trio plays Piazzolla – Full Album

Additional Information

Website Ankordis Trio (Italian)

Il trio “Ankordis” è formato da Miki Nishiyama al mandolino, Giuliana Ferraboli all’organetto e Cetti Schinocca al pianoforte. Compagine strumentale unica nel suo genere, propone un repertorio accattivante e di facile fruibilità per il pubblico. I brani eseguiti sono appositamente arrangiati per  mandolino, organetto e pianoforte ed appartengono alla storia del cinema (Morricone, Bacalov, Tiersen, Piovani …), del tango (Piazzolla, Galliano, Canaro …), del repertorio organettistico francese (Delicq), del choro brasiliano …

Facebook profile Ankordis Trio


Raziel Tsur – Mandolinist from Israel

Raziel Tsur is a mandolin player, teacher and conductor from Israel. He is playing the mandolin with the Israeli Plectrum Orchestra. I have met him during the Eurofestival Zupfmusik in Bruchsal this year. Raziel was the mandolin soloist for the Violin Concerto by J. S. Bach, for La Folia by Arcangelo Corelli and for Asturias by Isaac Albeniz. You can find the videos of this performance on the website of the BDZ. I have made a playlist with those three videos:

Playlist – The Israeli Plectrum Orchestra Eurofestival Bruchsal 2018 #bdzef2018

A letter from Raziel Tsur

As for me, I am in a very good time of doing and investing in a variety of music fields.

In the field of education, this year I am running a musical project of 3 schools in the city, where about 200 students study mandolin in groups and in the orchestra. Then I add the motivate student for the to the local orchestra.
This year I managed to establish the second youth mandolin orchestra of children aged 10-13, while our young orchestra continues to perform in the city and throughout Israel. This orchestra won first prize in the Israel National Education Ministry’s National Plectrum Convention. Conducting these two orchestras requires me to write arrangements for a repertoire and more.

About me as a performer, In the past year I have been privileged to purchase mandolin from the Israeli luthier “Arik Kerman”.
His mandolins are known as a powerful and wide sound instrument that enables the musician to perform in a big concert halls. In Israel, I play as a soloist with a number of very serious ensembles, such as composer Gil Shohat and bass player Gilad Efrat.
I an collaborating with famous Israeli pop singers and manage to bring the mandolin to these stage as well. I certainly see myself as the ambassador of the instrument and believe that the mandolin can move in a variety of musical worlds and can contribute to any musical field.
Recently, I participated in the Jazz Festival “under the Apple Trees”, which is take place every year in  Coutances, Normandy. performing along with “Gilad Ephrat ensemble”.

The “Dolce Mandolin Quartet”, which I founded about four years ago, continues to operate the Concerts activity in Israel.

These days I’m working on my own CD where I host a number of musicians while the mandolin is in the center. The CD is about classical mandolin and will include composers such as Bach and Vivaldi alongside De Falla and Piazzolla.

Additional information

Website Raziel Tsur
Raziel Tsur – Youtube Channel
Israeli Plectrum Orchestra – Youtube Channel


Mandolin Music at youtube – Alison Stephens

Youtube is trying to get a share from the streaming of complete CDs. Complete CDs are beeing added to the youtube content – usually with ADs to make some money. You can find those CDs mostly using the Artist Theme collections. As those CDs are not so easy to find I am planning to present some important CDs in my blog. You can probably find those CDs also on Spotify, but I do usually prefer to listen to youtube.

I would like to start with Alison Stephens. You can find most of Alison Stephens’ CDs now on the following page: Alison Stephens – Theme
Under the tab “Playlists” you can find playlists for the Calace CD and the CD tapestry by Duo Mandala.

I have made my own playlists for the following CDs:

Raffaele Calace – Mandolin Concertos No. 1 and 2, Rapsodia Napoletana – Alison Stephens and Steven Devine (Piano)

Souvenirs – Alison Stephens (Mandolin) and Craig Ogden (Guitar)

duo mandala – tapestry – Alison Stephens (Mandolin) and Lauren Scott (harp)

Music for Mandolin


Concert in memory of Giuseppe Anedda – June 16th,…

Today I have found this video (audio only) with a recording of a concert in memory of Giuseppe Anedda. The concert was given by the plectum orchestra of the Conservatory “C. Pollini” of Padua, the plectum orchestra of Breganze and the plectum orchestra “Terroni” of Brescia.

The program included a great selection of music for mandolin orchestra.

Concert in memory of Giuseppe Anedda for the centenary of his birth Music Conservatory “C. Pollini”, June 16th 2012

Track 1. Sonata in B minor Op.III n. 3 – Evaristo F. Dall’Abaco, performed by the plectum orchestra of the Conservatory “C. Pollini” of Padua

Track 2. Concert – William Babell, performed by the plectum orchestra of the Conservatory “C. Pollini” of Padua

Track 3. Concert in A minor for 2 violins, strings and harpsichord – Antonio Vivaldi, performed by theplectum orchestra of the Conservatory “C. Pollini” of Padua

Track 4. Concert in E minor RV 550 for 4 mandolins, orchestra and basso continuo – Antonio Vivaldi, performed by the plectum orchestra of Breganze

Track 5. Madrigale per mandoloncello and orchestra – Eugenio Giudici, performed by the plectum orchestra of Breganze

Track 6. Konzertstuck per accordion and orchestra – Fried Walter, performed by the plectum orchestra of Breganze

Track 7. Sinfonia Romantica for orchestra – Giuseppe Anelli, performed by the plectum orchestra of Breganze

Track 8. Concert in G major “Alla Rustica” RV 151 for strings and basso continuo – Antonio Vivaldi, performed by the plectum orchestra “Terroni” of Brescia

Track 9. Concert in B flat major RV 548 for oboe, violin, strings and basso continuo – Antonio Vivaldi, performed by the plectum orchestra “Terroni” of Brescia

Track 10. Russian Rag – Georg L. Cobb, eseguito dall’ Orchestra a plettro Terroni di Brescia

Track 11. Dicitencello Vuie – Rodolfo Falvo, performed by the plectum orchestra “Terroni” of Brescia

Track 12. Concert in B flat major for violin and orchestra – Giovan Battista Pergolesi, performed by the orchestras joined

Track 13. Czardas – Vittorio Monti, performed by the orchestras joined

Recording: Natali Giulio, Lorenzo Malavolta, Valerio Zanini
Post-Production: Lorenzo Malavolta, Valerio Zanini

In the description of the video you can find links to the beginning of each of the pieces.

Additional information

Conservatorio “C. Pollini”, Padua

Website Orchestra a Plettro di Breganze
You can find this orchestra also on facebook.

Centro musicale Mauro e Claudio Terroni