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Oleg Videnov – Mandolin

I have just found this nice tune with variations played by Oleg Videnov from Sofia, Bulgaria on the mandolin.

Привечер-В.Хватов Performed by Oleg Videnov(mandolin) and Lachezar Videnov (guitar) 22.07.2009

Oleg Videnov has made several videos in his channel ovidenov.

This is another example – a serenade by Silvestri:


The last video that I have selected is a recording of the Moto Perpetuo by Raffaele calace, played with an ensemble with piano, guitar and double bass:

Moto Perpetueo – Raffaele Calace

Another arrangement of this virtuoso piece, arranged by Ralf Leenen for two mandolins, and played by Oleg Videnov and Ralf Leenen on Embergher mandolins can be found at:


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