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Mickey Baker, Guitarist, Is Dead at 87 – Complete…

Mickey Baker, who was an influential guitarist, has died at the age of 87 in France.

He has played in many recordings and influenced many younger guitarists.

He has also published some widely used instruction books for jazz guitar:

Mickey Baker’s Complete Course in Jazz Guitar: Book 1 (Ashley Publications)

Mickey Baker’s Complete Course in Jazz Guitar: Book 2 (Ashley Publications)

Jazz Guitar Micky Baker (Guitar Books)

There are many youtube videos available with the pieces and exercises from the jazz guitar books, and there is also an online course based on vol. 1 of this jazz guitar mehtod (see below).

McHouston (Mickey) Baker with Coleman Hawkins Quintet South Of France Blues.mp4

My Mickey Baker Playlist

I have listened to many videos with Mickey Baker and Mickey and Sylvia and compiled the following playlist with the best videos:

Additional Information

New York Times: Mickey Baker, Guitarist, Is Dead at 87

Mickey Baker, whose prickly, piercing guitar riffs were featured on dozens if not hundreds of recordings and helped propel the evolution of rhythm and blues into rock ’n’ roll, died on Tuesday at his home in Montastruc-la-Conseillère, near Toulouse in southwestern France. He was 87.


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Originally written for Fretboard Journal Magazine


Wikipedia about Mickey Baker: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mickey_Baker

Great playlist with  recordings of the examples from the Mickey Baker jazz method by Rob MacKillop:

Mickey Baker Lesson 2 – Rob MacKillop

Online Lessons using Mickey Baker’s method:


Advanced Guitar Study Group

Using The Classic

“Mickey Baker’s Complete Course in Jazz Guitar – Book 1”

Presented by

Michael Joyce and the Texas Fingerstyle Guitar Association

Mickey Baker books at amazon (partnerlink)

Mickey Baker’s Complete Course in Jazz Guitar: Book 1 (Ashley Publications)

Mickey Baker’s Complete Course in Jazz Guitar: Book 2 (Ashley Publications)



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The Mandolin Methods by Gabriele Leone, Giovanni Fouchetti and…

Three mandolin methods from the 18th century, the methods by Gabriele Leone, Giovanni Fouchetti and Pietro Denis are now available at musicaneo.com. The printed edition by Edition Minkoff is no more available as the Minkoff company has ceised in 2010.

Those methods can be used to study the mandolin technique used in the 18th century when the mandolin has been very popular for some time. The methods include descriptions (in French language), exercises and many pieces for one or two mandolins.

I have collected some interesting videos with music by Gabriele Leone, Giovanni Fouchetti and Pietro Denis below the title pages of the three methods.

Gabriele Leone

Playlist Gabriele Leone

Giovanni Fouchetti

Read more “The Mandolin Methods by Gabriele Leone, Giovanni Fouchetti and Pietro Denis (18th century) – Now available as download!”

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✭ Mandolin’ Variation ✭ A Mandolin Ensemble from France…

I am working in my google map for mandolin orchestras in France and yesterday I have discovered some videos by the group named Mandolin’ Variation.

The videos were made from the christmas concert in 2009.

The first video that I have found was this:

Gavotte by F. J. Gossec

Mandolin’ Variation , gavotte de F. J. Gossec , musique de mandoline au concert de noel 2009

A beautiful Greek melody:

Xaipe ✭ Mandolin’ Variation

Concert de noël 2009 , Mandolin’ Variation loue Xaipe d ‘ origine Grecque , avec 4 mandolines , 1 guitare et un Mandocello

Tarentella Opus 18 ✭ Raffaele Calace

Mandolin’ Variation en concert de noël 2009 , tarentella opus 18 de Raffaele Calace

Additional Information

Website: Mandolin’ Variation

Notre ensemble musical créé en 1991 , est composé actuellement de 8 musiciens : Jean Pierre Hermer et Sophie Verrier en première mandoline , Jacqueline Mathieu et Michel Petryk en seconde mandoline , Robert Lambert en mandole , Elisabeth Hermer , Chantal Saint-André et Alain Ducret en guitare .

Notre répertoire aborde des styles et des époques variés , allant du classique à la musique légère , de l’Europe de l’est à l’Amérique du sud , avec une ouverture plus particulière sur le répertoire ” contemporain ” .

youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/38mando/videos

Free sheet music by F. J. Gossec at IMSLP: http://imslp.org/wiki/Category:Gossec,_Fran%C3%A7ois_Joseph

Free sheet music by Raffaele Calace: http://www.federmandolino.it/htm/spartiti_calace.htm

My google maps and link collections of mandolin orchestras: Mandolin Orchestras of the World

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The “Orchestre à Plectres du Sud-Ouest” conducted by Florentino…

In France there has been a very positive developement of the mandolin music during the last years. Like in Germany regional mandolin orchestras have been organized to improve the skills of the players of the local mandolin orchstras.

In 2011 there was a workshop for a national mandolin orchestra with Florentino Calvo and Vincent Beer-Demander teaching mandolin and mandola, and Jean-Marc Zvellenreuther teaching the guitar. Mandolin and guitar players from France could apply to take part in this workshop.

Stage national d’orchestre à plectres

en partenariat avec Ars Nova ensemble instrumental

Cet orchestre a pour vocation de réunir des musiciens de toute la France, afin de créer un ensemble de haut niveau qui puisse être une vitrine et un ambassadeur de la pratique plectrale. C’est également un outil de promotion de la pratique collective des instruments à plectres.

  • Direction : Philippe Nahon , directeur musical de l’ensemble Ars Nova
  • Mandole/mandoloncelle : Florentino Calvo , professeur de mandoline au Pôle supérieur d’enseignement artistique de Paris/Boulogne Billancourt et au CRD d’Argenteuil, et mandoliniste de l’ensemble Ars Nova.
  • Guitare : Jean-Marc Zvellenreuther, professeur de Guitare au CNSM de Paris et au CRR d’Aubervilliers/La Courneuve, et guitariste de l”ensemble Ars Nova.
  • Mandoline : Vincent Beer Demander, titulaire du Diplôme d’Etat d’instrument ancien, professeur de mandoline au CRR de Marseille et à l’Académie de Mandoline de Marseille dont il assure la direction artistique.

I have found videos of the  Orchestre à Plectres du Sud-Ouest, the regional mandolin orchestra from the south-west of France, conducted by Florentino Calvo.

This regional orchestra has played an interesting program with original compositions for mandolin orchestra. In 2009 the orchestra has played during the Week of the Mandolin (Semaine de la Mandoline). In the following video you can hear two folk dances by Robert Schulz:

Two Folk Dances

Deux danses populaires de Robert Schulz, interprétées le 1er novembre à Tarbes à l’occasion de la semaine de la mandoline. Orchestre à plectres régional, direction Florentino Calvo.

A great version of the Beatles song Eleanor Rigby for mandolin orchestra:

Eleanor Rigby

Célèbre morceau des Beatles joué le 19 juillet 2009, lors du VIIe Festival International Mandol’in Ariège de Saint-Girons. Direction Florentino Calvo.

Very interesting is the Suite Petit Bal des Bêtes composed by Vincent Beer-Demander, this is the first movement of this suite:

Petit Bal des Bêtes 1; V. Beer-Demander

Playlist Orchestre à Plectres du Sud-Ouest

Playlist with the Serenade by Hermann Ambrosius, Sakura by Herbert Baumann, pieces by Kurt Schwaen, compositions by the Japanese composers Miwa Naito and Takashi Ogawa, Memories von Bendigo by Fred Witt and more.

Additional Information

Mandolpolis Festival: http://www.mandopolis.org/

Vincent Beer-Demander: https://www.compagnievbd.org/

Florentino Calvo: http://lafollia.com/PressBook/Florentino_Calvo.html

My link collection of mandolin orchestras in France: http://www.pinboard.in/u:mandoisland/t:mandolinenorchester/t:frankreich

more posts in my blog about France: http://www.mandoisland.com/?tag=france