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Eric und Suzy Thompson – Bluegrass, Blues, Cajun &…

Some days ago I have downloaded a piece played by Eric Thompson from the Acoustic Oasis site.

This made me curious about Eric Thompson and I have searched for more music. I found many videos with Eric Thompson playing guitar and also an old Gibson F4 mandolin.

Suzy and Eric Thompson SHORTENIN’ BREAD.mp4

The next piece is a great waltz in Cajun style:

Suzy and Eric Thompson Balfa Waltz Lake Arthur Stomp

In the next video you can hear and see Eric Thompson play a Puertorican cuatro:

Suzy and Eric Thompson IN THE PINES.mp4

Later I have found two complete sets of videos from concerts given during the Portland Old-time Music Gathering this year and two years ago, with Eric and Suzy Thompson.

Portland Old-time Music Gathering in Portland, Oregon on 1/14/2012

Portland Oregon Oldtime Gathering on 1/16/2010:

Eric plays guitar or mandolin, while Suzy plays fiddle or guitar – a great mix of blues, bluegrass, oldtime, cajun that I like very much.

On the website of Eric and Suzy Thompson you can read:

About Eric & Suzy Thompson: These virtuoso roots musicians specialize in the down-home sounds of the American South. Their musical palette includes Appalachian story-songs and bluegrass breakdowns, classic country blues, Louisiana Cajun dance music, and paso dobles from Puerto Rico. Eric’s flatpicking on guitar and mandolin is exceptional for its purity of tone, speed, and soulfulness; Suzy is a powerful singer, an award-winning fiddler and Cajun accordion player who has apprenticed with older generation Louisiana Cajun musicians under an NEA Fellowship. Founding members of many influential roots music groups including the Black Mountain Boys, Any Old Time, the Klezmorim, and the California Cajun Orchestra, Eric and Suzy have also worked with Jerry Garcia, Maria Muldaur, David Grisman, Peter Rowan, Darol Anger, Laurie Lewis, the Savoy Doucet Cajun Trio, and many other fine musicians.

Playlist Suzy and Eric Thompson

Enjoy the concerts with Eric und Suzy Thompson!

Additional Information

Homepage Eric and Suzy Thompson: http://ericandsuzy.com/

Report about the Portland Old-time Music Gathering:

13th Annual Portland Old Time Music Gathering – ‘Fiddles, Banjos and Cloggers – Oh My!’

Festival website: http://www.bubbaguitar.com/festival/

A free download every day at: http://acousticoasis.com/welcome.html

favorite tunes

Bill Monroe – Jerusalem Ridge – Great Bluegrass Instrumental

Bill Monroe has composed many classic bluegrass tunes. One of his best bluegrass instrumentals is Jerusalem Ridge. Bill Monroe and the Bluegrass Band with Kenny Baker on fiddle played this tune in a fantastic way, but there are also great versions on mandolin and flatpicking guitar.

Im am just learning this tune as we started to play this in our bluegrass band. So I listened to many videos and other versions. I have compiled a youtube playlist with interesting videos with some other great versions of Jerusalem Ridge.

I have also added some links for sources of free sheet music for Jerusale Ridge below.

Enjoy listening – and playing – Jerusalem Ridge!

Playlist “Jerusalem Ridge”

Free Sheet Music Links

Mandozine: http://www.mandozine.com/music/search_results.php?searchfor=jerusalem&tuneselectby=C&mandolevel=&category=&songkey=&artist=&transcriber=&sortby=T&sortorder=A&submit=

traditionalmusic.co.uk: http://www.traditionalmusic.co.uk/american-guitar-tab/jerusalem_ridge.htm

Read also the following related article about Bill Monroe:

Bill Monroe – Father of Bluegrass – Black Mountain Underground

Recommended CD (Amazon partnerlink)

favorite tunes

John Stenson’s #2 – A great tune for dulcimer…

One of the tunes in the long list of songs that I have downloaded from David Grismans Acoustic Oasis is John Stenson’s #2 played by the Aaron O’Rourke Trio.

Today I have listened to videos with this tune. I was lucky to find the following video with the Aaron O’Rourke Trio – played on mountain dulcimer, mandolin and bass:

John Stenson’s #2

Aaron O’Rourke Trio with Mickey Abraham and Mike Snelling
Killer mountain dulcimer, mandolin, & bass.
Progressive acoustic old time.

This tune is often played on a Appalachian (or mountain) dulcimer, but also on the hammered dulcimer as in the following video:

John Stenson’s #2 and Hangman’s Reel – Rockford, MI Concert

Rick Thum does a couple of his favorite tunes at the concert in Rockford, MI, November 2009. Ken Kaiser backed him up on guitar.

I have compiled the following playlist with many more videos of this tune, played on different instruments, solo or with a band, with mandolin and dulcimer, clawhammer banjo, or with fiddle and Irish bouzouki:

Playlist John Stensons

Sheet music:

You can find versions of John Stenson’s #2 on the following pages:

Mandozine: http://www.mandozine.com/music/search_results.php?searchfor=john+stenson&tuneselectby=C&mandolevel=&category=&songkey=&artist=&transcriber=&sortby=T&sortorder=A&submit=

Flatpicking Workshop: http://www.flatpick.com/lessons/january2009.html

The Session: http://www.thesession.org/tunes/display/1817

ABC notation: http://abcnotation.com/tunePage?a=www.banjolin.co.uk/banjolin12/music/tunes/abcs/stensons_2/0000

Additional Information

Homepage Aaron O’Rourke – Mountain Dulcimer: http://www.aaronorourke.com/

Acoustic Oasis  – daily free download of on song: http://acousticoasis.com/welcome.html


The Golden Eagle Hornpipe – A Great tune for…

I am just playing the Golden Eagle Hornpipe, a nice tune that works well on the mandolin. So here are some videos of this tune, played on fidddle, mandolin and some other instruments.

Golden Eagle Hornpipe – Mandolin

Pretty tune. Also works well slowed down and played ‘straight’

Playlist with more versions – with banjo, harp, flute

Sheet Music

The Golden Eagle Hornpipe is also included in Ryans Mammoth Collection – 1050 fiddle tunes on page 175: http://violinsheetmusic.org/collections/

Several versions can be found with the Folk Tune Finder, e.g.: https://www.folktunefinder.com/tunes/36489

This is a version for two mandolins, played by Eric Cousin and me:

Mandolin Duet – Golden Eagle Hornpipe / Trafalgar Hornpipe