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Jingle Jams: A Holiday Mix From NPR Music *…

NPR has added two interesting Christmas playlists to their program. The forst one has been compiled from the favorite holiday songs from 10 different partner stations and includes all kind of music, from classical, pop, rap, bluegrass, jazz, folk, …

It’s a seasonal tradition to gripe miserably about the ubiquity of holiday music — about piped-in department-store drivel, CD sale racks bursting with holiday cash-ins, and all things cutesy, cloying and shrill. But let’s face it: There’s crass commercial junk, and then there’s a rich canon of soul-stirring, nostalgia-inducing classics. Holiday-weariness is no match for the best of the best.

We asked 10 of NPR Music’s partner stations to send us 10 of their favorite holiday songs, so this continuous stream is packed with gems. From Bach to The Ramones to Louis Armstrong, it’s a perfect playlist for those who wish to indulge in the spirit of the season while remaining glued to the computer. Whether you’re shopping online or trudging grimly through another workday, let Jingle Jams serve as your soundtrack.

This is a great mix of holiday music with many surprises – a great mix for the next weeks!

Jingle Jams: A Holiday Mix From NPR Music

2011: jingle-jams-a-holiday-mix-for-the-rest-of-us

One of the tunes included is Sleigh Ride by Sam Bush:

Sleigh Ride-Sam Bush

A second list is titled 5 Depressing Blues Songs for Christmas – the right music for all who cannot enjoy the happy Christmas days and do not want to listen to the typical happy Christmas music:

5 Depressing Blues Songs For Christmas

This is one of the tunes from this list – Lonesome Christmas by the guitarist  Lowell Fulson:

Lowell Fulson / Lonesome Christmas

Check my page about Christmas music to find more!

♬ ★ The Best Music for Christmas ♬ ★

favorite tunes

Jackson Stomp – Charlie McCoy – Mississippi Mud Steppers

I am currently learning the Jackson Stomp and I have collected some information about this tune.

The Jackson Stomp has been recorded in the 1920s by Charlie McCoy and the Mississippi Mud Steppers.

Playlist Jackson Stomp

A nice version with mandolin:

Jackson Stomp

I have found another video of the Jackson Stomp from the discussion in the Mandolin Cafe forum. In this case it is a song with the title That Lonesome Train Took My Baby Away which uses the Jackson Stomp played on a mandolin banjo to accompany the song.

I also recently recorded this same tune, but the other version which Charlie McCoy also recorded titled, That Lonesome Train Took My Baby Away.

That Lonesome Train Took My Baby Away – Mississippi Mudsteppers

I have collected some other videos of the Jackson Stomp in my playlist.

What is interesting with this tune is that it is a shortened blues scheme of 11 measures, a fact that makes this tune a little bit special. However some versions that I have found have made a normal blues scheme by adding another measure – for me the original version is more interesting.

I have not found sheet music or tabs for the Jackson Stomp. TABs can be found in the Mandolin Pickers Fakebook, but this version does contain some errors – so if you use this TABS you should listen to the tune and make the necessary corrections.

Additional information about the Jackson Stomp

Charly McCoy Part 1: http://sundayblues.org/archives/64

Recordings of the original and another version can be found at:: http://communityguitar.com/students/Songs/Jackson%20Stomp.htm

Discussion in the Mandolin Cafe: http://www.mandolincafe.com/forum/showthread.php?55077-Jackson-Stomp

aa mandolin guitar

Rita Chiarelli – Canadas No. 1 Blues Singer

During the last days I have listened to a concert with blues singer Rita Chiarelli that was available as concert on demand at the CBC

(link no more valid)

Rita Chiarelli at the Empress Theatre

Rita Chiarelli uses her amazing 3-octave voice to belt, to croon and to tell stories.  She’s won multiple Maple Blues awards, a Juno and in 2002 she won the CBC’s Great Canadian Blues Award.

She’s constantly touring and at this show at the historic Empress Theatre in Fort Macleod she ‘road tested’ some songs from her latest CD called Back To Blue.


  • Rita Chiarelli – vocals, guitar
  • John King – guitar
  • Joseph Wright – mandolin
  • Brian Kobayakawa – bass

On Ritas homepage I have found that she made some concerts and a CD with the The Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra (  http://www.tbso.ca) last year. There is an interview that was made with her and the conductor of the orchestra last year, at the end of the interview you can hear one song that has been recorded as a demo for the tour.

Rita has spent several years in Italy and has also produced a CD with Italian songs. One track – Reginella – is available on Ritas myspace page, some other tracks are available on her homepage.

Rita Chiarelli has a great voice, she is a great blues singer – enjoy Rita Chiarelli and her music!


May, 2007 Hornby Island ” …great people..the best..i’ll sum it up by saying simply “i left my heart on hornby island”… actually had a chance to ‘hang’ for a few days…it felt like years since i had some hang time..and let me tell you i am a great hanger.”

Rita Chiarelli – Number One in Canada

Rita Chiarelli was born in Hamilton Ontario to Italian /Canadian immigrant parents. At age fifteen Rita started performing her brand of music comprised of folk,blues, jazz and rock.
Find Rita: http://www.ritachiarelli.com
RAREARTH Jazz & Blues Festival: http://rarearthjazzandbluesfest.com/
Rita Chiarelli has performed all over the world, Italy where she spent several years, Switzerland, Germany and Austria to name a few.
In Canada Rita has performed coat to coast to appreciative fans (see video, this was at Rarearth Jazz and Blues Festival in Vernon BC Aug. 9, 09)
Rita Chiarelli has a JUNO win and four nominations, and has won multiple Maple Blues Awards, Canadian Folk Music, and Toronto Independent Music awards.
Arguably in my opinion Rita is my favourite female Canadian singer based on her voice, selection of songs, on stage presence and accessibility to fans.
Rita is the Best.



Website with some videos and audio examples:

youtube channel Rita Chiarelli:

Rita Chiarelli did also take part in the Hornby Blues Odyssee concert – see my related post:



Mandolin Boogie – Armstrong Twins / Arthur Smith

Today I have found two different Mandolin Boogies at youtube.

The first version was recorded by the Armstrong Twins in 1946. The Armstrong Twins were  one of the successful duos who sang country songs with guitar and mandolin. Other duos were The Monroe Brothers, Jim and Jesse, Homer and Jethro or Lonzo and Oscar.

The Mandolin Boogie by the Armstrong Twins is a song, but the mandolin has an important and interesting part in this song.

Armstrong Twins – Mandolin Boogie (1946)

Another video that I found was the Mandolin Boogie by Arthur Smith. Smith – mainly known as a singer and guitar player – switched to the mandolin for this interesting instumental – and he plays this very well!


There are some other videos of Smiths Mandolin Boogie at youtube. The following version was played by a mandolin player named Tonidoro. He obviously lives in France, but he might be of Italian origin – some of his music sounds indeed much more Italian than French.

MANDOLIN BOOGIE ( solista al mandolin Tonidori )

all’accompagnamento Michel Butticee-Luca Buttice Mandolin Boogie

Enjoy the versions of the two Mandolin Boogies!

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