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Sierra Hull – Secrets Songs & Tunes – DVD…

It’s finally here and now available for PRE-SALE! Sierra’s Acutab Mandolin Instruction Video entitled: “Secrets Songs & Tunes”.

Official Release Date: March 16, 2010

Learn the mandolin solos from Sierra’s debut CD, Secrets. 4 hours on 2 DVDs – with printed booklet.

This is the official preview video by acutab:

Sierra Hull – Secrets Songs & Tunes mandolin DVD

Sierra Hull “Secrets”


Sierra Hull Homepage: http://www.sierrahull.com/

Sierra’s Blog: http://sierrahull.blogspot.com/

Youtube channel with more interesting videos: http://www.youtube.com/user/9firefly9

Listen to the complete album Secrets: http://airplaydirect.com/music/SierraHull/

Buy the CD (Amazon partnerlink)

Secrets – Sierra Hull

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Bearfoot – Alaska – Bluegrass, Oldtime, Americana – Great…

I first heard Bearfoot in an internet radio transmission of a concert at the 2008 Merlefest. I have recently listened again to the recording of this concert and wanted to collect some videos and information about Bearfoot for this blog.

The current band members of Bearfoot are:

  • Kate Hamre – acoustic bass,
  • Odessa Jorgensen – fiddle,
  • Mike Mickelson – guitar,
  • Jason Norris – mandolin,
  • Angela Oudean – fiddle

The sound of Bearfoot is dominated by the twin fiddles of Odessa Jorgenson and Angela Oudean and the harmony singing of the three women in the band. Some songs are also sung by guitarist Mike Mickelson and mandolinist Jason Norris, the male part of the band.

There are some fantastic sounding a capella songs, you can hear typical bluegrass songs like Sally Goodin or Molly and the Tenbrooks, oldtime and original songs, blues, a very interesting mixture of styles and sounds that I like very much.

The band was founded as a band to promote the results of fiddle camps held in Alaska by Mick’s mother. They have become a full time professional band some time ago and have produced several CDs.

The following interview is a good occasion to learn more about Bearfoot and its members:

Bearfoot Interview

There are many videos of Bearfoot available at youtube, the most popular songs are:

  • Molasses
  • Caroline
  • Good in the Kitchen
  • My Bucket got a hole in it

I have collected the videos in the following playlist, I tried to place the videos I like most at the beginning.

Playlist Bearfoot

I would like to add one special song here in this blog, a song sung by Annalisa Tornfeldt who was the lead singer and fiddle player before Odessa Jorgenson. This song is one of my favorites in the Bearfoot repertoir.

It’s a bluesy piece about a woman waiting on a train track, which has a nice arrangement and gets a lot of energy in the middle of the song, including a powerfull mandolin solo by Jason Norris.

Bearfoot AC&T 4/23/2008 – 2

Bearfoot, Alaskan bluegrass band, performs at Ashland Coffee and Tea, Ashland, VA on 4/23/2008

Enjoy Bearfoot!


Bearfoot at myspace: http://www.myspace.com/bearfootband

Homepage with some songs of the current CD Doors and Windows: http://www.bearfootband.com/

Interview “Bearfoot lead singer Odessa Jorgenson on the band’s new album”: http://folkmusic.about.com/od/artistsaj/a/BearfootQA.htm

Annalisa Tornfelt at myspace: http://www.myspace.com/annalisatornfelt

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Doors and Windows – Bearfoot

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Hallelujah Junction – John Adams

I am currently reading Hallelujah Junction, an autobiograhical book by the important US American composer John Adams, and so I checked the CBC concerts on demand section for works by John Adams.


A performance of Hallelujah Junction – a composition for two pianos by John Adams is availble on youtube:

J. Adams – Hallelujah Junction Part 1

Piece for two pianos by John Adams
performed by Piano Duo Gerwig & Gonzalez
Christine Gerwig – Germany & Efraín González – Mexico



J. Adams – Hallelujah Junction Part 2


Official homepage of John Adams:


Hallelujah Junction by John Adams (amazon partnerlink)

mandolin duo

Mike Marshall and Chris Thile – The Woodsongs Radio…

Mike Marshall

Mike Marshall is one of the best mandolin players in the USA today. For more than 30 years Mike has played everything possible on the mandolin, and also on the mandocello – bluegrass, dawg, jazz, classical and brazilian choro.

In the early 80s he played together with the David Grisman Quintet. For the leading mandolin journal of that time – the Mandolin World News – he wrote the beginners page.

With the Modern Mandolin Quartet he played classical music from the nutcracker suite to Gershwin’s West Side Story.

During the last years he has learned everything about the brazilian choro and has invited the leading choro players like Hamilton de Holanda and Dudu Maia to the United States.

With this broad background it is no surprisde to find Mike Marshall now regularly together in duo concerts with German mandolin professor Caterina Lichtenberg teaching at the music university Köln/Wuppertal

Mike was a teacher at the first European Mandolin Acadamy held in Trossingen this year, together with Don Stiernberg, Caterina Lichtenberg and Mirko Schrader.

Interview with Mike Marshall with some interesting informations: digitalinterviews

Chris Thile

Chris Thile was very successful with the Nickel Creek. He plays is a fantastic mandolin player and is – like Mike Marshall – very versatile. He is certainly an idol for many young mandolin players in the USA and around the world. He plays the mandolin very creatively and has developed his own style and sound.


Every week in an old theater in Lexington, Kentucky, there is a one hour concert organized by Michael Jonathan – the Woodsong’s Radio Hour. Those concerts are available for download as audio or video files – a huge archive of excellent music.

Mike Marshall and Chris Thile played concert No. 287 – a concert that you should have seen and heard. Both are playing excellent. The program includes classical pieces like the Goldberg variations by J. S. Bach, standards like the Fishermans Hornpipe and many compositions by Mike Marshall and Chris Thile. The Radio Hours is just one hour, but after a short break it was continued with an after hour, a long program with many interesting pieces.

In the beginning of the concert Mike and Chris each played one solo piece. Mike began with Odeon by Ernesto Nazareth, the first piece in the playlist below.

To download the complete video or audio go to: Woodsongs Archive

If you do not want to download the complete video you can also find most of the pieces as youtube videos. However – the complete video contains also the interviews and the talk between the pieces which is also very interesting, and you learn a lot about Mike and Chris if you watch it.

I have collected the youtube videos in my following playlist:

Additional information

Website Mike Marshall: http://www.mikemarshall.net/

Website Chris Thile: http://www.punchbrothers.com/

Blog about Mike Marshall (German) / Interview: http://www.gitarrengurte.de/blog/?p=399

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Live Duets – Chris Thile and Mike Marshall