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Frigg – Hot Fiddles from Cool Scandinavia

Frigg – Hot Fiddles from Cool Scandinavia

Frigg – a folk and dance band from Finland – will take part in the folk festival in Rudolstadt, Germany this year. Last year Frigg were on tour in the UK and in Switzerland.

Frigg has published 5 CDs and is very successful in Scandinavia. The last CD Polka V has got several awards including the “most successful album of 2012”. You can find more about the awards on the Frigg website.


During an interview by the Philharmonie of Luxemburg Anti und Esko Järvelä of Frigg told about their music. The energy in the music needs to be transformed to a dance movement. Frigg wants to support the folk dance tradition of the North European countries

The sound of Frigg is based on the virtuoso playing of three or four fiddles. The fiddles play together in unison or in arrangements for several voices. The fiddles are accompanied by guitar, mandolin and double bass. Even the most complicated rhythms are played in perfect interplay. Most of the pieces are compositions by Frigg in the typical nordic style, inspired by the folk music of Scandinavia. Rock and Jazz elements or influences from folk dances of Eastern Europe are also included.

This is a video recorded last year with three tunes:


The interview with Anti and Esko Järvelä:

Frigg interview @ the Philharmonie Luxembourg

My Frigg Playlist

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Jake Jolliff and Alex Hargreaves – Mandolin and Fiddle

Mandolin and Fiddle – Jake Jolliff and Alex Hargreaves

Jake Jolliff belongs to the great young mandolin players in the uSA. He plays in the band Joy Kills Sorrow, but also as a duo together with Alex Hargreaves on the fiddle.

A complete concert of the duo has recently been filmed and is available at youtube – see my playlist below.

Her is a video from the beginning of 2010 – almost three years ago:

Jake Jolliff and Alex Hargreaves

Jake Jolliff and Alex Hargreaves playing Old Dangerfield at the Ken Cartwright Performing Arts Center in Stayton, Or. on the 3rd of January, 2010.

Pictures from this concert:


The sister of Alex Hargreaves – Tatiana Hargreaves – played some pieces with her viola in this concert – another great sound to discover:

Tatiana Hargreaves Shows the Boyz

… almost 3 years later the duo sounds like this – again Old Dangerfield to compare with the first video:

04 Jake Jolliff and Alex Hargreaves 2012-12-16 Old Dangerfield

Now the complete playlist of the current concert:

Playlist 2012

Jake Jolliff and Alex Hargreaves live at the Newberg Music Center in Newberg, Oregon on 12/16/2012.

Enjoy Jake Jolliff und Alex Hargreaves – mandolin and fiddle!


Scottish Fiddle School – Jigs and Reels, Strathspeys and…

Every year in August there is a  Scottish Fiddle School on the Thompson Island close to Boston.

For one week you can learn how to play fiddle in the Scottish style, but there are also courses for guitar, cello or bagpipes, and the fiddle style of Cape Breton.

On the website of the Scottish Fiddle School you can find lists with the tunes played every year as well as a compilation of sheet music provided by the teachers for the students. For every year you can find a set of 20 – 30 selected tunes in a PDF document.

If you like to play this kind of music you can easily get enough music for the next wekks – a great collection of Scottish tunes playable on fiddle but also on the mandolin.

The sheet music collections for the last years are available on:


One of the teachers at the Scottish Fiddle Scholl is Hanneke Cassel, a great fiddle player that I have discovered some years ago. I have compiled a playlist with some interesting youtube videos with Hanneke Cassel:

Playlist Hanneke Cassel

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Gadelle – Power Fiddle from Acadia

Some time ago I have presented the group Vishtén from Acadia / Canada who plays great fiddle music with powerfull step dance.

In the meantime I have discovered two other bands from the same region, Acadia and the St. Edward Islands in Canada. Today I want to present Gadelle – four energized women with fiddle, guitar, mandolin or mandola and keyboard – and with a lot of stepdace and footstepping too.

This is a text taken from the Gadelle homepage:


Well they’re back at it…Helene Bergeron and Louise Arsenault, that is, along with some newly acquired musical friends….from the next generation of young traditionally inspired musicians…right on their doorstep…right here in the Evangeline region of Prince Edward Island.

After ten years of touring the world with the seminal Acadian traditional band Barachois, the girls felt the need to reconnect with their home, their families, their other interests and so decided to leave the road and the touring life; Barachois ended. Yet through it all, they continued to pursue their primary passion…music. Not just any music, but the music of their fathers, Eddy Arsenault and Alyre Gallant, and the many musical mentors from past generations. The pursuit of Acadian music from this corner of the small Island of Prince Edward (the original French settlers, their forefathers, knew it as Isle Saint- Jean) never ended. On the contrary, the music lives on and has continued to grow and flourish.

Three summers of playing music locally at the Confederation Centre for the Arts, numerous regional festivals and one or two in the U.S. with a gifted bunch of 5 young women musicians (young enough to be their daughters) loosely titled “Les Girls” has rekindled their passion to take this music once again to the world stage, this time with two of these young women, Caroline Bernard and Samantha Gallant. Just as Lousie and Helene have inherited their understanding of music from their father’s and mother’s generation, Caroline and Samantha have also, but from Louise and Helene’s generation.

So here are some videos with Gadelle and a playlist. At the end of this post I have also added an interesting video about the Acadian culture and music.

Gadelle Live at the Skye Theatre

Gadelle. “Live at the Mission Folk Music Festival, 2010”

Gadelle, July 25th 2010. These ladies will remind you what east coast Acadian music is all about: A Killer Performance_which will knock your socks off!
Helen Bergeron_Acoustic Guitar, foot percussion, knives and forks.
Louise Arsenault_Fiddle & foot percussion.
Anastasia Deroches_Fiddle & foot percussion.
Caroline Bernard_Piano
Great live sound at this event by:Steve Dark.
**Audio recorded on a simple Zoom H4n in audiance location.
Video clip & audio processing courtesy of Garth @ TaterWorks, in support of our local music community.. Thanks for watching!

Playlist Gadelle

Weitere Informationen

Acadian Music, Culture, Festivals and Genealogy in Nova Scotia


Homepage of the former group Barachois:

Fiddling – an article about fiddling from the Canadian Encyclopedia:

My previous post about the group  Vishtén:

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