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London 2013 – Ahmed Dickinson Cardenas – Guitar –…

The first concert during our holiday in London was a free concert which took place in the National Portrait Gallery. Ahmed Dickinson Cardenas played a program with guitar music from Cuba by Leo BrouwerEduardo Martin and  José Antonio (Ñico) Rojas Beoto.

Ahmed Dickinson has transcribed may pieces by Nico Rojas and made those available for the guitarists. Some compositions by Nico Rojas can be found in the playlist below.

Eduardo Martin is another composer from Cuba whose compositions are played regularly by guitarists around the world. Ahmed Dickinson played some movements from the Calendar Suite, you can find some of those movements in the playlist as well.

For my post I have selected another composition by Eduardo Martin, Inevitable & Chacumbele:

Ahmed Dickinson Cardenas – Inevitable & Chacumbele – Eduardo Martin

Ahmed Dickinson has also played with a string quartet, this is a great video from the live performance of the Quintet for Guitar and String Quartet by Leo Brower.

Ahmed Dickinson and the Santiago Quartet: Quintet- Leo Brouwer

Live performance of the Quintet for Guitar and String Quartet by Leo Brouwer. Featuring renowned Cuban guitarist Ahmed Dickinson and the Santiago Quartet.

Ahmed Dickenson, guitar
Emma Blanco, violin
Matthew Elston, violin
Suzanne Evans, viola
Jonathan Hennessey-Brown, cello

Playliste Ahmed Dickinson Cardenas

Additional Information


Recordings by Ahmed Dickinson Cardenas at soundcloud (shortened):

Artikel about Nico Rojas and Ahmed Dickinson:

It was while appearing at Havana’s International Guitar Festival in 2000 that Rojas met Ahmed Dickinson, with whom he struck up a friendship. Realising that the old master could not read music and was in danger of forgetting his own works, Dickinson transcribed 33 of Rojas’ compositions over the next five years, with help from Rojas and his son Jesús. Five of Rojas’ compositions were recorded by Marco Tamayo on the album Guitar Music From Cuba (Naxos Classical) in 2004, and in October this year Ahmed Dickinson – now based in London – released his début album, Ahmed Dickinson Plays Nico Rojas (Cubafilin Records), which consisted of 16 Rojas compositions.

About the composer Nico Rojas (with free download of sheet music and recordings of some of his compositions):

About Nico Rojas, with two recordings:

Biografie Nico Rojas and recordings:

Website Eduardo Martin:


Duo Conversa – Lydie Barrancos (Flute) and Pascal Bournet…

I have recently found a note about the Duo Conversa at twitter. The Duo Conversa is composed of Lydie Barrancos (flute) and Pascal Bournet (guitar). The duo plays music from South America and from Ireland, a great selection with good arrangements.

With its original repertoire of creations and arrangements around themes from the whole world, Conversa offers you a journey throughout flute’s and guitar’s tones.

The flute, instrument of all times, and the guitar, intrument of all continents, bring into echo the multiplicity of the world cultures’ original sounds.

Conversa will accompany us in an authentic and universal dialogue and then will echo in each of us the emotional world of us all.

Pascal Bournet has arranged all the pieces for flute and guitar. Most of the pieces have been published and are available, you can find the details on his website. Some of the pieces have been composed byPatrick Bournet, the brother of Pascal and a guitarist as well.

In the youtube channel of Pascal Bournetyou can also find some interesting pieces for clarinet and guitar as well as solo pieces for the guitar and duos for two guitars.

Oblivion (A.Piazzolla)

Le duo Pascal Bournet-Cindy Descamps joue Piazzolla.
Arrangement P.Bournet
Guitare: Sakurai PC

Playlist Duo Conversa

Additonal Information

Website Pascal Bournet:

Review of the CD Boa Fonte (German):

youtube channel Pascal Bournet:

fingerstyle guitar

Calum Graham – He can play the guitar like…

Calum Graham is a young guitarist from Canada who is already a master of his instrument. Three years ago he won the first price at the Canadian Guitar Festival with this fantastic and incredible performance.

Canadian Guitar Festival 2010: Finalist 1, Song 2 – 1st Place (Calum Graham – “The Channel”)

Calum has just released his third album 12:34 in which he worked together with Don Ross. You can watch Calum with Don Ross in this video:

Calum Graham & Don Ross – It Is What It Is (2013) (fixed audio*)

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Sor – Study in B-Minor – As a Duet…

I have recently discovered several videos with the famous study in B minor as a duet. I have not found out who made the  arrangements for a duet, and I have not found the sheet music for this version.

It is interesting to listen to this arrangement of the study which uses the study as an accompaniment for a beautiful melody.

Flute & Guitar: Fernando SOR – Study in B Minor, Op. 35, N°22

Duet Guitar & Mandolin

Fernando SOR Study in B Minor Op. 35 Nr. 22 Trio for Mandolin and 2 guitars performed

Duet for two guitars

Guitare classique – Kaori Muraji & Kiyoshi Shomura – Moonlight – Etude O.P. 35 – N° 22

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