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Lickin’ Good Fried – Bluegrass from Toronto / Kanada…

A mix of mainly bluegrass and some other styles is available as a concert on demand of the CBC:

Concert on Demand: Lickin’ Good Fried with Andrew Collins (mandolin) (concert no more available)

The band describes itsself on their homepage http://www.lickingoodfried.com/ as The Scrappiest Country Band in Toronto and plays tasty country music.

Singer Alex Pangman is happy to be able to sing again after a double lung transplant which saved her live. She is known in Canada as “Canada’s sweetheart of swing.”

Andrew Collins, one of Candas best mandolin player, is the main mandolin player in the band. I know him from the coolmandolin site, where his complete CD has been played for some time. One piece of Andrew is included in the coolmandolin CD “An AmericanTradition” and can be heard on the coolmandolin site.

This is a sample video of Lickin’ Good Fried:

Lickin Good Fried

Andrew Collins does also play in the following video with another Canadian band – the Foggy Hogtown Boys:

Foggy Hogtown Boys – Always Been a Rambler

Finally another piece composed by Andrew Collins, played again by the Foggy Hogtown Boys:

Foggy Hogtown Boys – “The Stomp of Approval”

Additional information

Website Lickin’ Good Fried: http://www.lickingoodfried.com/

Newspaper article about Alex Pangman: http://www.ellecanada.com/living/celebrity/second-wind/a/32415


aa mandolin guitar

Pavlo, Rik Emmett and Oscar Lopez – Mediterranean Guitars…

Once again I have discovered a fantastic concert with guitar music. Pavlo, Rik Emmett und Oscar Lopez – the P.R.O. guitar trio – have performed this concert on February, 21st at the L’Astral in Montréal

Three master players collaborate to form an acoustic trio of passionate, fiery guitars. Pavlo, Rik Emmett and Oscar Lopez have each forged brilliant independent careers, garnering awards both at home and internationally and winning the hearts of their respective fans.

The trio has just released the first CD  Trifecta. The Concert on Demand of the CBC is not available any more.

Pavlo, Rik Emmett, Oscar Lopez Trio

The following video introduces the newly formed trio with some interesting video clips and statements:

Two videos from a TV show with a short Interview and two pieces:

Trifecta, Pavlo, Rik Emmett & Oscar Lopez @ City TV Interview & Performance – Part 1


Trifecta, Pavlo, Rik Emmett & Oscar Lopez @ City TV Interview & Performance – Part 2

Oscar Lopez with the amazing trio Pavlo, Rik Emmett & Oscar Lopez at City TV interview n performance on January 13, 2010. Promoting Trifecta CD.

I like this music very much and have enjoyed very much listening to the complete concert. The mediterranean style reminds me sometimes to the famous trio John McLaughlin, Al DiMeola and Paco DeLucia, but the group has created an own style and some new and interesting ideas.

Playliste Pavlo, Rik & Oscar

Additional Information

Website of the trio: http://www.pavlorikoscar.com/

Website Oscar Lopez: http://www.oscarlopez.com/

Incredible, irresistible; impossible to ignore…. Powerful, Fiery Hot Guitar

Website Rik Emmett: http://www.rikemmett.com/

Awards from Best Guitarist at the ‘81 Junos to Best Smooth Jazz Guitarist in 2005, along with induction into the Canadian Rock Hall of Fame in ‘93, the Music Industry Hall of Fame in 2007 and the Junos Hall of Fame in 2008 highlight an ever-evolving career. The multi-dimensional singer/songwriter at the heart of it has nothing to prove except the dignity and maturity of his continuing commitment to great music.

Pavlo: Pavlo.net Official Site

Enjoy the sounds of the Mediterranean. “Lord of the Strings”- Star Phoenix. “Master showman” – London Free Press. “Guitar approach flawless prestine” – RPM

Pavlo myspace site: http://www.myspace.com/pavlomusic



Christmas Music from Canada – Noel! Noel! The Spirit…

I am just preparing some presents for Christmas and I am listening to some nice music from Canada:

Noel! Noel! – The Spirit Of The Season

Throughout the show four unique and dynamic performers share music that expresses their vision of Christmas. Using both personal anecdotes and songs each artist will share their experience of this magical season.

The concert included more than 20 songs and instrumentals that have some connection with christmas. (link not valid any more)

Paul Tobin

I have already heard a nice song by Paul Tobin about his leaving home.

Known mainly as a blues man in the Saskatoon community, Paul Tobin’s latest CD ‘All Nigh Blue’ draws on the genre while showcasing Paul as a singer-songwriter in his own right. Paul’s very personal songs reflect on the past and make observations about our contemporary world.


I liked very much the fiddle tunes by Karrnnel that are influenced by Ukrainian music – here is a promotional video with some examples of the music by Karrnnel:

Karrnnel may only be 27 years old, but he is the most decorated competitive fiddler in Saskatchewan’s history

Claire Pelletier

Several songs are sung by Claire Pelletier in French, especially I liked the song: D’où viens-tu bergère

Gifted and award-winning Quebecois songstress Claire Pelletier carries on the tradition of  her native Kamouraska.

Here is a video that I have found with music by Claire Pelkletier and pictures from a “Village de Noel”:

Alexis Normand

The fourth artist in this concert is Alexis Normand whose Jingle Bells version in French “Vive le Vent” is very nice.

Alexis Normand is a young Saskatoon singer songwriter, graduate of the National Songwriting Academy (L’École nationale de la chanson) and winner of Radio-Canada’s Muziklip contest.

youtube Channel Alexis Normand

The concert ends with a special Christmas “Orange Blossom Special”!

Check my page about Christmas music to find more!

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