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Emily Remler – Practicing with a Metronome – Bebop,…

During my search of videos with Jim Hall I found the following video with Emily Remler.

Emily Remler was a young American guitarist who died in 1990 at the age of only 32.

In this instructional video (Hot Licks – Bebop and Swing Guitar) Emily explains her way to use the metronome for practicing. The metronome gives the ticks for the 2 and the 4, while in classical music the metronome would be used to give the 1 and the 3. For me this video was very interesting, and I tried it for myself when I practiced yesterday.

In the meantime the videos have been removed – if you like to use the instructional videos with Emily Remler you should think about buying a DVD (see Amazon partnerlink below).

A lot of information about Emily Remler, many downloads including transcriptions and also the booklet with the music and instructions for the Bebop and Swing Guitar video is available on the following homepage about Emily Remler:

Playlist with Emily Remler videos

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Emily Remler: Bebop and Swing Guitar

Emily Remler: Advanced Jazz & Latin Improvisation


The Early Electric Guitar / Hawaiian Lap Steel Guitar…

The history of the electric guitar began in the early 1930s. Especially the Hawaiian lap steel guitar was electrified and used by several Hawaiian bands of the time. British Pathé has documented such performances, those are certainly very interesting documents for the history of the elctric guitar.

Rudy Starita 22/06/1936

Now Pathetone has pleasure in presenting the popular radio and variety band leader Rudy Starita with the newest in musical instruments, the electric guitar.

M/S of Rudy Starita introducing the electric guitar

“Hello folks, let me introduce the electric steel guitar, for the first time, featuring some Hawaiian song”

The video shows some closeup views of this electric steel guitar and also of the amp.


EDDIE PEABODY 10/10/1938

Eddie Peabody shows  ‘The Electraphone’ – his all-electric string band – and tries out each electric guitar so we can hear the sound they make individually.

Eddie’s band, The Beachcombers, enter wearing sailor suits and start to play the instruments – the electric ones being left on a central table as if drawing their power from it! (Probably didn’t have any flexes.)

It looks like the Electraphone was a complete “electric music box” with electric guitar, electric mandolin, electric banjo and electric steel guitar all mounted to a table. The table beneath the instruments did obviously contain the amp and the loudspeakers, no cables are visible. The table has two logos “VEGA” on it and the inscription: All Electric.


Al Shaw 28/09/1939

M/S as Al Shaw tells a story about his holiday and uses his electric guitar to create the sound effects, such as train, dog, car, seagulls and ship. Various shots of trains and ships to highlight the story.

Al Shaw uses the electric steel guitar to produce special sounds to illustrate his story. He makes use of the volume control to modify the sounds. The instrument he uses looks exactly like the one used by Rudy Starita in the first video.

More infromation about the history of the electric guitar can be found in the wikipedia: electric guitar

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