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The Cretan Laouto – A Big and Great Sounding…

I have discovered the Cretan Laouto some time ago and have written the following post in my German blog. I thought that I should also make a version in English about this interesting instrument from Greece. The Cretan Laouto has 4 double strings, the three lower strings are tuned in octaves, the highest strings are

Mandolins in Greece – The Attika Plucked String Orchestra

Street of Dreams M. Hadjidakis, ATTIKA Plucked String Orchestra Performed by ATTIKA Sextet at “Syn kai Plin” television music magazine Mandolin: Aris Dimitriadis, Giannis Goumenakis Mandola alto: Giorgos Goumenakis Mandola tenore: Panayiotis Lampropoulos Guitar: Michalis Sidiropoulos Piano: Dimitris Giannis Description of the Attika Plucked String Orchestra from  Homepage: The Orchestra was founded in

Manos Hadjidakis – Gioconda’s Smile – Greece – With…

I have recently found some interesting videos of guitarists from Greece, and so I decided it was time to find some interesting music from Greece with guitar and mandolin. Today i want to present a work by Greek composer Manos Hadjidakis which is performed by a big orchestra including two mandolins and two guitars. It

Greek Music for the Mandolin

Last year I have made several videos with Greek music. I have recently been asked about where to get this music to able to play it. In this post I will give some sources for sheet music of Greek folk tunes. Playlist Greek Music for the Mandolin Sources for Greek music The book that I