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Songbook Choro – 97 Choros to discover Brazilian Choro…

Choro Songbook 1 – Almir Chediak Songbook Choro 1 is a compilation of 97 choros which is great to discover the Choro Music of Brazil. I am trying to write a post with a youtube playlist for all 97 choros in this book. This is an ongoing project and will take some time to complete.

Nordic Choro – Nordic songs in Brazilian choro style

Jarmo Romppanen has just recorded a new CD with his band Nordic Choro. Instead of playing the Brazilian repertoir Nordic Choro have arranged nordic songs in the style of Brazilian choro – a great idea! Nordic Choro have started a campagin to raise the money for the production of the CD. They have presented their

O Charme do Choro – The Great Female Choro…

O Charme do Choro is a six piece female choro band. Composed of flute, two guitars, cavaquinho, pandeiro and bandolim they play Brazilian choros including some of the great choros like Santa Morena, “Vibrações”, Brejeiro, Pedacinhos do Céu and of course Carinhoso. The group has existed for more than eight years now and had some spectacular performances during the

Hamilton de Holanda – The great Brazilian Bandolim Player…

I have compiled a new playlist with Hamilton de Holanda and listened to this great Brazilian bandolim player during the last weeks. Hamilton plays alone, with piano or with bigger ensembles. He plays his 10-strings bandolim which has become very popular in Brazil during the recent years. Hamilton plays traditional choros, Brazilian Jazz and many