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Ensemble La Volta – Plucked Instruments of the World

The La Volta ensemble has been around for more than 25 years. A concert for the 25st anniversary was given in 2009, and the videos of this concerts are now available on youtube. On the homepage of the ensemble you can find the following text: LA VOLTA, ein Ensemble der Musikschule Reinach/Basel-Land (CH), besteht aus

Mike Marshall and Chris Thile – The Woodsongs Radio…

Mike Marshall Mike Marshall is one of the best mandolin players in the USA today. For more than 30 years Mike has played everything possible on the mandolin, and also on the mandocello – bluegrass, dawg, jazz, classical and brazilian choro. In the early 80s he played together with the David Grisman Quintet. For the – My new blog in English about mandolin,…

This blog is intended as an English version of my blog I am collecting usefull information about the mandolin, the guitar and other plucked instruments from all over the world with interesting youtube videos. I have started the German blog some time ago as an addon for my homepage MandoIsland has grown

About me

I am a mandolin player form Freiburg, Germany. I have played in different mandolin orchestras, including the Badisches Zupforchester and the German Zupforchester. I have conducted three mandolin orchestras. For almost 15 years I am playing the mandolin in a bluegrass band named Blackberry Jam. I have started my homepage many years ago, where