Dargason – From John Playford to Gustav Holst – Be Creative when you play Melodies like this!

I have recently started working on a new tune with my student – Dargason. This tune goes back to John Playfords book about dancing – it just one line of music with instructions how to dance to the tune. On the abc notation website you can find this tune as well: This tune is related […]

Seppo, Jemina and Selina Sillanpä – Banjo, Mandolin, Guitar and Scandinavian Fiddle

Some years ago I have discovered a band from Finland named Band’o. I liked the sound of this trio immediatly, a mix of bluegrass, country, american roots and traditional folk music from the north of Europe. Seppo, Jemina and Selina Sillanpä have played together since they were childs, and began to play as a trio […]

CHASE – Collection of Historical Annotated String Editions – A Great Site for Violin Players

Yesterday I have discovered the website of the CHASE project. CHASE Collection of Historical Annotated String Editions 19th- and Early 20th-Century Annotated Editions of String Music: Bibliographical Problems, Editorial Content and Implications for Performance Practice This website is a great resource about the violin and other stringed instruments. You can find many detailed articles about […]

Zigeunerweisen – Two great Mandolin Videos from Japan

Capriccio Zingaresco ジプシー風綺想曲 Ryo Aoyama  Mandolin マンドリン The Capriccio Zingaresco by Enrico Marucelli is beeing played by the young Japanese mandolin player Ryo Aoyama. Zigeunerweisen / Izumi Toru (Mandolin) , Fujii Yumi (pf) Playlist Zigeunerweisen I have compiled many versions of this famous piece, played by the mandolin players Izumi Toru and Onishi Kozo, by the mandolin orchestras from […]

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