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Pajarillo – My favorite tune from Venezuela – The Cuatro Venezolano

My favorite tune from Venezuela is the Pajarillo. This tune is typically played on the Venezuelan cuatro, a four-string instrument similar to a tenor ukulele. However the famous Alexis Cardenas and the Youth Symphony Orchestra from Venezuela do also play this tune in their concerts. In their program the Pajarillo is often one of the [...]

Ricardo Sandoval and Alexis Cardenas – Recoveco – Great Music from Venezuela

Ricardo Sandoval was born in Venezela, but he lives in France now. He plays the mandolin and the typical Venezuelan instruments cuatro and bandola llanera. In 2007 he played together with his band Recoveco on the french television. They played a piece composed by Ricardo Sandoval name Ibagué me quieras. In this video Ricard Sandoval [...]

LA SEXTA BASICA – Music from Venezuela with Mandolin

I have dicovered this video already some time ago, and I heard it again today. La Sexta Basica is a group composed of typical Venezuelan plucked instruments and a singer. They play a very interesting mix of traditional Venezuelan music with a modern sound. These are very good examples of how to use plucked instruments [...]

The bandola llanera / Venezuela – Saúl Vera / Ricardo Sandoval

Informationen There are several instruments in Venezuela and Columbia named bandola, the bandola llanera is the most popular of those. The bandola llanera has 4 strings – usually mad from nylon like the strings of a classical guitar. It looks like a pearshaped guitar, at the first sight it looks quite strange and unusual. The [...]

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