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Wolga Virtuosen Quartett

The Wolga Virtuosen Quartet was one of the groups at the Eurofestival Zupfmusik in Bruchsal that got a lot of applause for their performance of typical Russian folklore. It was a lot of fun to watch the players play and act. The group was composed of prim-domra, alto-domra, bass-balalaika and the accordion instrument bayan. Ther [...]

Bis-Quit – Pop, Folk, Jazz and more with Domra and Balalaika

Erich Heinemann, a mandolin player from Bonn who writes about mandolin on his site has discovered the homepage of a very interesting Russian ensemble with domra, balalaika, balalaika bass, accordion, drums and last but not least a saxofone – the Bis-Quit ensemble from Saint Petersburg in Russia. The group is composed of six professional [...]

Domra and Guitar – Russian Folksong and Flamenco

Roman Gurochkin is a cameraman and photographer from St. Petersburg, Russia, and his wife is a classical guitarist. Roman has produced several high quality music videos, including two videos with domra and guitar. The domra is a plucked instrument from Russia similar to a mandolin. It has 3 or 4 single stings tuned in fifths. [...]

Alexei Kofanov – Pieces for Mandolin and Guitar

Alex Kofanov is a singer, guitarist and composer from St. Petersburg in Russia. He is also a writer and has published in the “Newa” magazine. Alex Kofanov has also published two books for the guitar. Those books should serve to learn to play the guitar from the basics, to play in many different styles and [...]

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