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Build your own Guitar…from Paper! Great Paperguitars from Japan!

Recently I have found a tweet about a paperguitar:

Ausschneidebogen: Wir basteln uns eine Papier-E-Gitarre http://bit.ly/cO3puS

Peter Glaser writes a blog which includes also an instrument of the day with a lot of special instruments: Instrument des Tages Some days ago he presented a paperguitar.

At first I did not believe that the image showed a real guitar made from paper – but after I made some searches I was convinced that this was really a Les Paul guitar made from paper. I found the site jzool.com where you can see this and other paper craft models of musical instruments including a violin, a cello, a harp, a piano and two electric guitars.


If you want to see how the paper violin is built you can watch the following video which gives many hints about how to deal with the paper to be able to glue it together precisely:

Paper Craft Instrumental “Pepakura” Violin-Kit

When I searched for paperguitars I found another site that offers free models of more than 30 guitars including models by Gibson, Rickenbaker, Gretsch and Martin. Just print this on heavy paper, cut it out and make your own little guitar.

Here is an example of a guitar made from one of those papermodels.

Paper Guitar Model Making

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