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CHASE – Collection of Historical Annotated String Editions –…

Yesterday I have discovered the website of the CHASE project.


Collection of Historical Annotated String Editions

19th- and Early 20th-Century Annotated Editions of String Music:
Bibliographical Problems, Editorial Content and Implications for Performance Practice

This website is a great resource about the violin and other stringed instruments. You can find many detailed articles about the development of the instrumental technique for those instruments based on annotated editions of string music. If you are interested in the history of the violin or cello playing techniques and the way those instruments were taught, and also how the music has been played by some of the greatest violin players you should check the articles on this site.

You can find a big collection of scans of editions of violin music from the 19th and early 20th century including works by Bach, Beethoven, Mozart and many other composers. This includes also some violin methods and collections of studies.

List of works on the CHASE website – most of those works are available for free download: http://chase.leeds.ac.uk/browse/work/

One of the works that I have found is the Chaconne by Vitali

Here is a great performance of this piece by Sarah Chang:

Vitali Chaconne – Sarah Chang

Another interesting composer is Emanuele Barbella who is known as a composer for some pieces for the mandolin. You can find two pieces by Barbella: Violin Sonata in E flat major and Tinna nonna (Lullaby)


Most of the pieces available on this site will probably be found also on the IMSLP site, but maybe the selection serves as a better way to find some interesting compositions.

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Illustrated Sheet Music Collection – Scans of more than…

Sometimes I like to look at the covers of old sheet music editions. Recently I have often used the Illustrated Sheet Music Collection at http://www.imagesmusicales.be/ besucht.

On this page you can find a collection of sheet music from the time between 1890 and 1940. More than 10000 covers of sheet music have been scanned and can be viewed online. You can also search trough the collection. This collection does also include compositions for guitar, mandolin, banjo or ukulele and you can find pictures of those instruments on the covers.

This is a private collection of more than 10.000 illustrated sheet music mostly from between 1890 and 1940, with a particular interest for Art Nouveau and Art Deco. Although the collection centers around French illustrators (68%) it also contains hundreds of beautiful illustrations from Belgium (13%), the United States (6%), Great Britain (4%), Italy, Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, Argentina, etc.

Welcome to our sheet music collection!

These are randomly selected images of vintage sheet music covers. Click Home to refresh, or click the browse and search links in the upper right menu to view many more illustrations grouped by art style, illustrator, publisher, song title, music genre, or topic…

On the home page a randomly chosen selection of some covers is displayed – this is an example:

Using the search you can search for illustrators, composers, singers, texters and words contained in the titles of the sheet music.

A great site for everybody whjo loves old sheet music!

Website Illustrated Sheet Music: http://www.imagesmusicales.be/

Guitar, Banjo and Ukulele Music: http://www.imagesmusicales.be/search/topic/Guitars%252C-Banjo%252C-Ukelele/1076/ShowImages/8/Submit/