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Italian Old-Time Trio – Traditional Italian Mandolin Music

The Italian Old-Time Trio plays traditional Italian mandolin music with mandolin, guitar and double bass. It  is one of the few ensembles that still plays the traditional Italian mandolin in Italy, the homeland of the mandolin.

Last year the trio had been invited to the 8th Korea Mandolin Festival. Several videos of their performance in Korea are available at youtube. The sound in those videos is quite impressive, I think that the sound has been enhanced with at least some reverb. There are some other videos made in Italy recently with a more natural sound. The first one is a piece by Giovanni GiovaleIdillio Primaverale:

Idillio primaverile (G. Gioviale) – Italian Old-time Trio

The Italian Old-time Triob specializes in traditional Italian dance music composed during the late 19th and early 20th century for mandolin, bass and guitar. The Trio is comprised of three professional musicians from Rome, Fabio Menditto, Angelo Ercoli, and Fabio Refrigeri, who come from diverse musical backgrounds. They are dedicated to performing for modern audiences the live, complex, tradtional dance music of waltzes, polkas, mazurkas, and tarantellas that dominated popular music in Italy before recordings came into existence. The trio has performed widely in Italy and abroad. This video was recorded at the John Felice Rome Center on September 29, 2009, hosting “Sacco and Vanzetti Vivono: Their cultural legacy in film, music and history”.

– video has been removed –

Now one of the videos made in Korea at the Korea Mandolin Festival 2009:

Viale fiorito (G. Gioviale) – Italian Old-time Trio

This video was recorded at the 8th Korea Mandolin Festival 2009.

– video has been removed –

Playlist with 3 videos that are still available:

More videos can be found in the youtube channel of the Italian Old-Time Trio triesis: http://www.youtube.com/user/Triesis

Additonal Information

Informationen about Giovanni Giovale on the homepage of the Federazione Mandolinistica Italiana (FMI) with some free sheet music for download: http://www.federmandolino.it/gioviale.htm

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TARANTELLA SICILIANA – Mandolin, Guitar and more

I am just searching for traditional Italian music with mandolin.

I have just discovered this video with a musical commedy aboutthe Tarantella Siciliana which was performed in Buonos Aires. It begins with a guitar solo, then the mandolin player arrives late and describes without words why he comes late. He plays a difficult Italian solo for the mandolin.

Finally the percussion player arrives with a mouth harp and begins the Tarantella – please enjoy this funny but well made viddeo:

TARANTELLA SICILIANA – (official video)

Cómica escena del espectáculo “Sicilia… Cuore del Mare” de la VI Semana Siciliana. El evento se desarrolló en el prestigioso Teatro Coliseo de Buenos Aires – Argentina el pasado 8 de Noviembre de 2009. Julio Vita (guitarra), Sebastián Fregoni (mandolina), Christian Bócon (percusión). Paolo Martini (Idea y dirección general).

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Rita Chiarelli – Canadas No. 1 Blues Singer

During the last days I have listened to a concert with blues singer Rita Chiarelli that was available as concert on demand at the CBC

(link no more valid)

Rita Chiarelli at the Empress Theatre

Rita Chiarelli uses her amazing 3-octave voice to belt, to croon and to tell stories.  She’s won multiple Maple Blues awards, a Juno and in 2002 she won the CBC’s Great Canadian Blues Award.

She’s constantly touring and at this show at the historic Empress Theatre in Fort Macleod she ‘road tested’ some songs from her latest CD called Back To Blue.


  • Rita Chiarelli – vocals, guitar
  • John King – guitar
  • Joseph Wright – mandolin
  • Brian Kobayakawa – bass

On Ritas homepage I have found that she made some concerts and a CD with the The Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra (  http://www.tbso.ca) last year. There is an interview that was made with her and the conductor of the orchestra last year, at the end of the interview you can hear one song that has been recorded as a demo for the tour.

Rita has spent several years in Italy and has also produced a CD with Italian songs. One track – Reginella – is available on Ritas myspace page, some other tracks are available on her homepage.

Rita Chiarelli has a great voice, she is a great blues singer – enjoy Rita Chiarelli and her music!


May, 2007 Hornby Island ” …great people..the best..i’ll sum it up by saying simply “i left my heart on hornby island”… actually had a chance to ‘hang’ for a few days…it felt like years since i had some hang time..and let me tell you i am a great hanger.”

Rita Chiarelli – Number One in Canada

Rita Chiarelli was born in Hamilton Ontario to Italian /Canadian immigrant parents. At age fifteen Rita started performing her brand of music comprised of folk,blues, jazz and rock.
Find Rita: http://www.ritachiarelli.com
RAREARTH Jazz & Blues Festival: http://rarearthjazzandbluesfest.com/
Rita Chiarelli has performed all over the world, Italy where she spent several years, Switzerland, Germany and Austria to name a few.
In Canada Rita has performed coat to coast to appreciative fans (see video, this was at Rarearth Jazz and Blues Festival in Vernon BC Aug. 9, 09)
Rita Chiarelli has a JUNO win and four nominations, and has won multiple Maple Blues Awards, Canadian Folk Music, and Toronto Independent Music awards.
Arguably in my opinion Rita is my favourite female Canadian singer based on her voice, selection of songs, on stage presence and accessibility to fans.
Rita is the Best.



Website with some videos and audio examples:

youtube channel Rita Chiarelli:

Rita Chiarelli did also take part in the Hornby Blues Odyssee concert – see my related post:


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Ugo Orlandi – Mandolin / Great videos from the…

Ugo Orlandi has been the most famous classical mandolin player in Italy for the last 20 years. He has recorded many CDs and has played with many of the important chamber orchestras. Many years ago I have attended a workshop with Ugo Orlandi.

I have just discovered three new videos with Ugo Orlandi from a festival in Korea. I am very impressed by his relaxed playing and his way to hold the mandolin. He is sitting on his chair and holds the mandolin as if he would play in a standing position. By this his right arm is almost parallal and in one direction with the strings, a position that is optimal for the right hand picking.

But also his left hand moves arount the fretboard very easy – it is a pleasure to watch him play.

Enjoy the videos with Ugo Orlandi!

5th korea mandolin festival_ 만돌린 Fantasia Poetica-R.Calace

5th korea mandolin festival_ 만돌린 _Filippo sauli_ugo orlandi.wmv

5th korea mandolin festival_ 만돌린 _La Fustenberg _ugo orlandi.wmv

I have found one other video where Ugo Orlandi plays standing

Ugo Orlandi: mandolino di A. Vivaldi Concerto in do magg.avi

Ugo Orlandi mandolino Orchestra A. Vivaldi di valle Camonica dirige Silvio Maggioni

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