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The Louvin Brothers – Charlie and Ira Louvin –…

This morning I have listened to a radio show with a Charlie Louvin interview at NPR – World Cafe Looks Back: Country And Bluegrass. The Louvin Brothers were very popular between 1955 and 1963, Ira Louvin played mandolin and Charlie played the guitar. The harmony singing of this duo was great.

The interview was recorded in 2007 when Charlie Louvin had published a new CD with songs in the classical Louvin Brothers style. One of the most popular song of the Louvin Brothers is Knoxville Girls that can be heard in the NPR broadcast with Charlie Louvin.

I have selected three great early videos with the Louvin Brothers from youtube. Ira Louvin did obviously prefer the Gibson A model mandolins with an oval soundhole as can be seen in those videos and on the picture on the NPR site.

Louvin Brothers – I Don’t Believe You’ve Met My Baby (1956)

Louvin Brothers I Can’t Keep You in Love with Me

The Louvin Brothers Love Thy Neighbor

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The Boxcars – Adam Steffey – Bluegrass Mandolin

I have just discovered The Boxcars – a great Bluegrass band with Adam Steffey on mandolin. Adam Steffey is one of the great bluegrass mandolin players of today. He has played in many bands, during the 90s he was the mandolin player with Alison Krauss and Union Station. The Boxcars was founded in 2009 and has released their first CD in October 2010.

This is the information about Adam Steffey on the Boxcars homepage:

An East Tennessee native, he found a place in the Tennessee-Virginia border area’s thriving bluegrass scene in short order, serving early stints with the Lonesome River Band (Tyminski was his replacement there) and then helping to found the near legendary group, Dusty Miller, along with Bales and guitarist Tim Stafford. The three jumped to the big time together when Alison Krauss recruited them into Union Station, and for nearly seven years, Steffey lived the life of a high profile musician, as the band earned Grammy awards and IBMA trophies, toured extensively, made national TV appearances and recorded albums that reached far beyond the core bluegrass audience. Yet by 1998, the restless side of Steffey’s spirit made itself felt when he left the group and, after helping to lay plans for what would become Mountain Heart, joined bluegrass gospel favorites The Isaacs—a setting in which he played a different, though no less important role.

I have found that Adam Steffey plays Daley mandolins, and so I have also visited the Daley Mandolin homepage which shows some great mandolins and players.

The following song – December 13th – impressed me immediately when I heard it. You can find some information about December 13th in a post of the Bluegrass Blog (see below)

The Boxcars – December 13th

Adam Steffeys mandolin solos in Let Me Fall is incredibly fast and fascinating. I have put this video clip to the beginning of my playlist of  The Boxcars.

Playlist The Boxcars

I have compiled another playlist with videos with Adam Steffey.

Playlist Adam Steffey

Additional Information

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Thebes – A Great Mandolin Tune by Norman Blake

I have just made a new recording and video of  Thebes – a great mandolin tune by Norman Blake. We love to play this tune with our bluegrass band.

I have made a multi-track recording (using the free Audacity software) with mandolin, guitar and a second mandolin playing chords.

Thebes – Great Mandolin Tune by Norman Blake

The following playlist starts with Thebes in the original version with Norman and Nancy Blake:

Playlist Norman and Nancy Blake

Additional Infos

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