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A concert with the mandolin orchestra “Orchestra a plettro…

I have found Fabrizio Furci in facebook, and in his facebook profile I have found 2 videos of the Orchestra a plettro Città di Codroipo. Codroipo is located in the North-East of Italy, close to Udine.

This orchestra has been founded in 2005. It has a great homepage with information about the history of the orchestra, pictures, newspaper articles and concert programs. On the website there is also a great link collection about sites with free sheet music for the mandolin.

The two videos were made from a concert including the annauncements. The program contains traditional music for mandolin orchestras, but also some modern pieces like a ragtime and music from the movies.

Concerto pro Adao Friuli (Lions C MT e Udine Duomo) Orchestra a plettro Città di Codroipo 1 T.mpg

Concerto dell’Orchestra Città di Codroipo diretta da Fabrizio Furci nell’ambito del service dei Lions Clubs Medio Tagliamento e Udine Duomo a favore dell’Adao Friuli in San Vito al Tagliamento tenutosi nel Teatro Arrigoni di San Vito al Tagliamento in data 16 gennaio 2011

With the waltz No. 2 by Schostakovich, music by Ennio Morricone, Manente and the ragtime “Plettro Rag” by Fabrizio Furci.

Concerto pro Adao Friuli – Lions Club MT e Udine Duomo – 2 T.mpg

second part of teh concert

The following concert program has been taken from the website of the orchestra. This program is similar to the program played in the 2 videos and might help to identify the pieces played during the program.

Circolo Mandolinistico
Monotipo di Tiziana Pauletto
Sabato 03 luglio 2010
Ore 21.00
Nella Chiesa di
Lido dei Pini

1 Fabrizio Furci Plettro Rag
2 D. Šostakovič (riel. M. Pacchin) Valzer no. 2
3 M. Maciocchi Rapsodie Tzigane
4 V. Chessi Zefiro (Romanza)
5 A. Prenna Steppa Russa
6 N. Piovani (Arr. D. Furci) La Vita è Bella
7 A&Ennio Morricone (Nakagawa Nobuyoshi) Love Theme (da Cinema Paradiso)
8 M. Jarre Tema di Lara (da Dr Živago)
9 Joaquin Turina Fantasia Sevillana, op.29
10 / 11 B. Szordikowski Celtic Fairies:  King of the Fairies / Red is the Rose
12 G. Manente Reverie de Poete
13 C. Munier Valzer Cantabile
14 Francisco Tarrega (Arr. Howard Frye) Recuerdos de La Alhambra
15 M. Maciocchi Milena – Czardas

Additional Information

Homepage of the Circolo Mandolinistico: http://www.circolomandolinistico.com/

Google map of mandolin orchestras in Italy:


Google map of mandolin orchestras in the nOrthern part of Italy:


favorite tunes

Carlo Munier ❉ Sweet Melancholy ❉ Douce Mélancoli ❉…

Sweet Melancholy Op. 235 is part of a collection of four pieces by Carlo Munier. This collection can be found as Nelly Album in the Nakano library.

The first two pieces have the main titles in English, with subtitles in French and Italian.

The four pieces are:

  • Sweet Melancholy ❉ Douce Mélancoli ❉ Dolce Mestizia, Romanza, Op. 235
  • Pretty Little Flower ❉ Petite Fleur Gentille ❉ Fiorillo Gentile, Schottisch, Op. 234
  • Mazurka ❉ Serenata, Op. 188
  • Valzer ❉ Cantabile, Op. 192

The first of this four pieces Dolce Mestizia as been recorded in a youtube video by the Mandolin and  Guitar Quartet Estudiantina Bergamo.

Mandolin Guitar Quartet Estudiantina Bergamo – C. Munier “Dolce mestizia”

Rassegna “I Lunedì dellEstudiantina” Suona il Quartetto Estudiantina per la Manifestazione “PIZZICANDO! – MANDOLINO E DINTORNI – Tra Barocco e Novecento” III Edizione – giugno/luglio 2011.
Omaggio a Carlo Munier nel centenario della morte (1859-1911)
“Dolce mestizia” dalla raccolta “Nelly”
Bergamo Aula Picta, Piazza Duomo Città Alta – 11 luglio 2011
– Marina Ferrari e Chiara Perini, mandolini.
– Mario Rota, mandola.
– Michele Guadalupi, mandoloncello e chitarra.


Sheet music avaialable in the Petrucci Library: Dolce Malinconia

favorite tunes

Enrico Marucelli – Valtzer Fantastico and other Compositions for…

Enrico Marucelli (1877 – 1907) was a bass player, guitarist, mandolin player, conductor and successfull composer. He was born in Florence and played in the Reale Circolo Mandolinistico Regina Margherita where he met several other famous mandolin players like Bianchi, Graziani-Walter, Matini and Carlo Munier.

During the 1890s he went to London as a popular teacher and conductor. He conducted a Ladies Guitar and Mandolin BandRimembranze d’Amore is dedicated to this early mandolin orchestra. In the year 1900 Marucelli conducted an en masse orchestra  with 500 players, during this concert Marucelli’s composition Spagnola has been performed.

Enrico Marucelli has also published two mandolin methods (I am still looking to get those methods…) and a guitar method.

Valtzer Fantastico

The most famous composition by Marucelli is the Valtzer Fantastico which is dedicated to Eduardo Mazzacapo.


My favorite video with the Valtzer Fantastico – played by Mathieu Sarthe-Mouréou and Yann Pistien, played on a Vinaccia mandolin built in 1910.

[HD] Enrico Marucelli – Valtzer Fantastico for mandolin & guitar (LIVE)

Enrico Marucelli’s Valtzer Fantastico for mandolin & guitar performed by Yann Pistien (guitar) and Mathieu Sarthe-Mouréou (1910 P.Vinaccia Mandolin).

There are many recordings of the Valtzer Fantastico in my youtube playlist.

Capriccio Zingaresco

Another famous piece by Enrico Marucelli is the Capriccio Zingaresco.

This is the fantastic recording with Detlef Tewes and Boris Bagger from the CD Romantic Mandolin Moments:

Enrico Marucelli Capriccio Zingaresco Mandolin Guitar Detlef Tewes Boris Björn Bagger

Playlist Enrico Marucelli – Valzer Fantastico – Mandolin & Guitar / Mandolin Quintet

I have added all the videos with other compositions by Enrico Marucelli as well to this playlist.

Works by Enrico Marucelli

Works by Enrico Marucelli contained in the Nakano Library (works that are available at youtube are in bold font)

  • 3a Gavotta for mandolin quartet
  • Capriccio Zingaresco for mandolin quartet / mandolin and piano: All’Egregio Prof. BENOTTI in segno di amicizia e di stima
  • Caricature Op. 20 – Polka for mandolin or violin and guitar
  • Chi e? – Polka Populare; Riduzione di E. Marucelli; mandolin quartet
  • Diavoli Bianchi, Polka; mandolin and guitar
  • Fin de Siecle, Valzer Brillante; mandolin quartet
  • L’Avvenire, Valzer; mandolin and guitar or mandolin and piano
  • La Giostra, Mazurka; mandolin and guitar
  • La Pattuglia, Pezzo Caratteristico; mandolin and piano; guitar part by J. Nakano
  • Lionella, Mazurka; mandolin and piano
  • Melodie Charmante; mandolin quartet or mandolin and guitar
  • Moto Perpetuo, mandolin quartetor mandolin and piano
  • Patrol, Pezzo Caratteristico; mandolin quartet;
  • Polonese di Concerto, All’amico carissimo Gino Cinganelli; mandolin quartet or mandolin and piano
  • Rimembranze d’Amore (Love’s Remembrances); Intermezzo, To the Ladies Guitar and Mandolin Band; mandolin quartet
  • Scherzo Militare; Pezzo Caratteristico; mandolin quartet
  • Sérénade des Amoureux; mandolin quartet
  • Serenatella Spagnola, All’amico Luigi Filanci; mandolin quartet
  • Sguardi Provocanti, Valzer; mandolin and guitar
  • Treno Lampo, Polka; mandolin and guitar
  • Valtzer Fantastico (Valtzer di Concerto), A Eduardo Mazzacapo; mandolin quartet or mandolin and piano

I have found one more piece by Enrico Marucelli in the collection Repertorio del Mandolinista which is available as free download from my homepage MandoIsland on page free sheet music

  • Una Gita a Spezia

Marucelli has also published some compositions under the name E. Mario Celli – I have found two compositions in the Nakano Library:

  • Elegia for mandolin quartet
  • Pensieri Fugaci for mandolin quartet
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Giulio Menichelli, Damiano Mercuri & Luca Mereu – Traditional…

I was surprised to find a set of ca. 20 video clips from a concert in Monterosi – a place close to Rome – from a concert with traditional Roman and Neapolitan songs played with mandolin, violin and guitar.

 I had found a note about a concert for mandolin and guitar in Rome with  Damiano Mercuri (guitar) & Luca Mereu (mandolin). A search at youtube led me to the youtube channel  Artedelsuonare61 .

First I found several videos with the duo with Damiano Mercuri (guitar) & Luca Mereu (mandolni) – for instance this great performance of the famous  Valzer Fantastico by Enrico Marucelli (1877 – 1907):

Damiano Mercuri e Luca Mereu eseguono Valzer

Valzer Fantastico von Enrico Marucelli; Concerto del 28-10-2010 presso l’Auditorium di piazza Adriana organizzato dall’Associazione “Arte del suonare”

Then I found the set of videos from a concert of the trio composed of  Giulio Menichelli (Violine), Damiano Mercuri & Luca Mereu from the White Night (Notte Bianca) on July 22nd 2011 in Monterosi. The program was composed of typical and famous Roman and Neapolitan songs for mandolin, violin and guitar:

Programma: I classici della canzone Romana e Napoletana

The sound quality of the recordings is not the best, you can hear announcements and the noise from the audience. But you can also hear that the people could sing along with the music for many of the songs. The arrangements of those songs for mandolin, violin and guitar was very well suited for this event, and the audience applauded strongly for many of the songs.

Many of the pieces are well known over the world like O Sole Mio, Funiculi Funicula or The Godfather Theme by Ennio Morricone – other tunes are mainly popular in Italy.

A very interesting set of videos for the lovers of typical Italian music.


  • (Il pubblico è con noi) “Tanto pe’ cantà”
  • Tarantella napoletana
  • Silvestri “Nannì”
  • Petrolini “Tanto pe’ cantà”
  • Morricone “Il Padrino”
  • Mario “Tamurriata nera”
  • Gambardella “O marenariello”
  • Gambardella “Come facette màmmeta”
  • Galdieris Barbieri “Munastero ‘e Santa Chiara”
  • Di Capua “Maria Marì”
  • Falvo “Dicitencello mio”
  • De Curtis “Voce ‘e notte”
  • Ruccione “Vecchia Roma”
  • Di Capua “O sole mio”
  • Denza “Funicolì Funicolà”
  • De Curtis “Malafemmina”
  • “Santa Lucia” di Cottrau
  • “O surdato innamorato” di Cannio

Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/O_Surdato_%27Nnamurato “‘O Surdato ‘Nnamurato” (in English: “The Soldier in Love”) is one of the most famous songs ever written in the Neapolitan language. The song is generally regarded as the anthem of S.S.C. Napoli.

  • “Reginella” di Bovio
  • “Pe’ lungo Tevere” di Romolo Balzani

Giulio Menichelli Damiano Mercuri Luca Mereu suonano Falvo “Dicitencello mio”

The Godfather Theme – in this video you can hear Luca Mereu with a very nice jazzy improvisation on the mandolin! One of the highlights of this concert for me!

Giulio Menichelli Damiano Mercuri Luca Mereu suonano Morricone “Il Padrino”

Notte bianca a Monterosi 23-7-2011
Programma: I classici della canzone Romana e Napoletana
Giulio Menichelli violino
Damiano Mercuri chitarra
Luca Mereu mandolino
Si ringrazia l’Assessore Andrea Bomarsi e il Maestro Leo San Felice per l’aiuto nel reperire gli spartiti

Youtube Playliste with all videos


Additional Information

youtube channel Artedelsuonare61

youtube channel with music from the 18th century played on a baroque mandolin by Luca Mereu: PizzicoEnsemble