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Heikki Lahti – Folk Music with Mandolin from Finland

I have recently discovered the videos with Heikki Lahti. Heikki Lahti is a mandolin player from Finland who plays polkas, waltzes, marches and other folk tunes from Finland. He plays mostly in a group together with guitar, double bass and accordion. But he does also play with a bigger group with fiddle players – or even with a mandolin orchestra.

Heikki Lahti with Mandolin Orchestra

One of the tunes played by Heikki Lahti are compositions by Master Fiddler Otto Hotakainen – it is said that he has learned all the compositions by this famous fiddler and composer.

The most famous tune by Otto Hotakainen – who is also known as Pokka-Otto -ist the October Polkka – or Lokakuun polkka. You can find the sheet music for this polkka – see my link collection below.

Lokakuun Polkka

Playlist Heikki Lahti

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Seppo, Jemina and Selina Sillanpä – Banjo, Mandolin, Guitar…

Some years ago I have discovered a band from Finland named Band’o. I liked the sound of this trio immediatly, a mix of bluegrass, country, american roots and traditional folk music from the north of Europe.

Seppo, Jemina and Selina Sillanpä have played together since they were childs, and began to play as a trio in 1995. They have made several tours to the USA, and also published CDs in English and also Finnish language.

I was mainly impressed by the fantastic fiddle sound and the harmony singing of Jemina and Selina. Selina does also play the mandolin and the guitar and other instruments. And Seppo is adding some interesting flatpicking solos on his guitar.

Here is a quote from their myspace page:

Seppo, Jemina and Selina Sillanpää are famous for their fresh new attitude of playing a mixture of folk music from various countries and original songs and combining it all in their own original way.

Back in Finland, the family has been steadily developing their professional, educational, and musical endeavors. Sillanpääs first started performing as a folk trio in 1995 but their musical co-operation goes back to playing and recording original childrens music in the early 90s.

Jemina Sillanpää , vocals, fiddle, viola

Selina Sillanpää , vocals, fiddle, guitar, mandolin, tin whistle, recorder

Seppo Sillanpää , guitar, mandolin, fiddle, banjo

Oskari Hannula , bass, viola da gamba

Janne Viksten , banjo, mandolin, mandola, guitar

The Sillanpää Family Band – “Different Past”

Here are some videos with Seppo Sillanpää (youtube playlist)

And here are some videos with Jemina & Selina Sillanpää (youtube playlist)

Seppo Sillanpää and his mandolin can be seen on some of the videos too!

Seppo Sillanpää is the author of the Finnish mandolin method Mandoliiniopas. The following blog post shows the cover of this method:

This mandolin method is available online on the website of the Kansanmusiikki-instituutti – I have bought it some years ago.


Al di Meola – All Your Life – A…

Al di Meola has published his CD All Your Life – A Tribute To The Beatles in 2013. On this CD he has recordid 14 songs by the Beatles in his arrangement. The recordings were done in the Abbey Roads Studios in London.

Al di Meola has also played his arrangements of Beatles songs in many of his concerts, and there are many great videos available at youtube.

I have recently compiled a playlist with videos from the album A Tribute To The Beatles. The playlist starts with a fantastic set of videos from a concert given in Warsaw.

Enjoy Al di Meola and the songs by the Beatles.

Additional Information

Al Di Meola’s All Your Life – a profound and respectful tribute to the most famous band in the world

Al Di Meola in Lörrach: „Ich liebe die Beatles, wie sie sind“ (veröffentlicht am Fr, 31. Oktober 2014 auf (German)

Besprechung des Albums im Spiegel (German)

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All Your Life-A Tribute To The Beatles (Amazon partnerlink)

mandolin history

The Italian Mandolin: Its Evolution, Nomenclature and Types –…

Alex Timmerman has compiled a poster with the most important Italian mandolin models. He has asked me to help to share this poster.

On this poster you can find mandolins that have been built between 1650 and 1927. You can follow the evolution of the different models, the models are arranged according to the years when a model was built.

I have split up the picture to give you an impression of the poster, you can download the complete picture in good quality from the website of Alex Timmerman.


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