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Harry Manx – Slide Guitar, Lowebow and Mohan Veena

This morning I listened to the latest  CBC Live podcast.

In this podcast

Harry Manx presents his unique blend of “Mystic-ssippi” blues, in an intimate solo show recorded in Kelowna, BC.

The complete concert was also availabe on the CBC Concert on Demand site. There I have found the following description:

Harry Manx’s touring has taken him to four continents and his horizon is still expanding. Harry’s concerts are like reuniting with an old friend, and with that friend trying out a favourite recipe — but this time with different herbs and spices.

This concert was recorded early in Harry Manx’s “Bread & Buddha” CD release tour. The CD is Harry’s ninth album. Musically, Harry Manx is back to mostly solo material – on the tour, Harry performed alone but on the CD, Samidha Joglekar does vocals on a few tracks.

Harry Manx is a musician who plays slide guitars or harmonica and sings blues and other songs. His style reminds me sometimes to the music of the Dire Straits, or to the music of Ry Cooder. He is a great performer and singer. If you like the slide guitar and the blues you should what some of his videos.

I have searched for some typical videos that show Harry Manx with his different instruments.

Here is the first example with the slide guitar:

Harry Manx – “Only Then Will Your House Be Blessed”


Harry seems to be a friend of some very special instruments. Sometime he uses a special electrified cigarbox slide guitar, the lowebow, an instrument that was invented by John Lowe (see also http://cigarboxguitars.com/features/Johnny_Lowe.php)

This is a video of Harry Manx playing the lowebow:

Harry Manx – I’m On Fire

Mohan Veena

Another instrument played by Harry Manx is the Mohan Veena, a guitar with added sympathetic strings that sounds like a mixture of slide guitar with the sitar or other Indian instruments. You can see and hear the Mohan Veena in the following video: Read more “Harry Manx – Slide Guitar, Lowebow and Mohan Veena”


Hornby Blues Odyssey – with Doug Cox and Dave…

Hornby Blues Odyssey – with Doug Cox and Dave Harris

The concert is no longer available – check for other Blues and Jazz concerts on the CBC site!

Hornbey Blues Odyssey

Some time ago I have found another fantastic concert on the CBC concerts on demand site. Its the final concert of the Hornby Island Blues Workshops, the concert was named Hornby Blues Odyssey.

Doug Cox and Dave Harris played both the mandolin as well as other instruments during the concert.

Doug Cox

Doug Cox

Doug Cox plays the guitar, the dobro and also the mandolin. He is a very versatile musician and teaches regularly at seminars like the Hornby Island Blues Workshop.

Playlist Doug Cox

Dave Harris

Dave Harris

Dave Harris played for many years as a street musician, but also in different bands, before he specialized in his One Man Band. He learnd much from the blues musicians of the 20s and makes a fantastic One Man Show. On his myspace site daveharrisonemanband he has a number of videos of his performances. He also tells about the blues musicians that server him as a model for his music.

Very interesting is his fotdella (fotdella -> Wikipedia), a pedal driven bass instrument that can be seen in his One Mand Band documentary. He also uses a suitcase kick drum. Dave changes his instruments during the performance, he playes the guitar, then the fiddle, switches to mandolin and back to the guitar, he sings and plays the harmonica and drums with his suitcase kick drum and plays the bass on his fotdella. That’s really fantastic to see and hear!

My busking led me to the one man band style (no split on the take) and I’ve developed it from a simple guitar, rack harp and foot operated drums to the current show, which includes 2 steel body guitars, 12 string guitar, fotdella (foot operated bass), mandolin, banjo, 2 fiddles, harps, suitcase kick drum, high-hat and various noisemakers.

Playlist Dave Harris

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