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Historical Recordings – Banjo Bands, Mandolin Orchestras, Accordion, Hawaiian…

I have recently found a nice compilation of historical recordings with banjo, mandolin and other instruments. Most of those recordings are available in other sources like i archive.org or the Antique Phonograph Music Program http://wfmu.org/playlists/AP

But it is much more easy to listen to those recordings on the following page:

Banjo Bands, Mandolin Orchestras, Accordion, Hawaiian guitar and ukulele, and xylophone

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In the transitions of the turn of the century some musical instruments made attempts to create an orchestral distribution of their tones in imitation of string ensembles. Other musical fads involved exotic sounds and instrumentation.

Maybe the greatest historical video is the following movie with Bernardo de Pace:

World Famous Mandolin Virtuoso Bernardo De Pace (1886-1966).

This is another historical recording that is availabe as a youtube video:

The Three Stripped Gears Alabama Blues

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The Man With The Mandolin (1939)

Recently I have discovered a video clip with the song  The Man with the Mandolin, a song composed and popular in 1939, which has also been played by Glenn Miller and his Orchestra.

Nick Lucas, a famous singer of that time, has also recorded a version:

NICK LUCAS – The Man With The Mandolin (1939)

Glenn Miller – The Man With The Mandolin

This song has been discussed some time ago in a Mandolin Cafe thread:


In this Mandolin Cafe thread I have found the following information about this song, original from the Library of the Indiana University:

Sheet music not available
Title: Man with the mandolin
First Line: The music man is comin’, a happy song he’s hummin’
First Line of Chorus: Beedle ee-um-bum-bum beedle ee-um-bum, here comes the man
Composer: Weldon, Frank, 1900-1970
Composer: Redmond, John
Composer: Cavanaugh, James, 1892-1967
Performer: Horace Heidt
Published: New York: Santly-Joy-Select, Inc., copyright 1939
Form/genre: Popular song
Instrumentation: Piano, Voice and Chords
Local Subject: Big Bands
Artist: IM-HO
Holding Institution: Lilly Library
Collection: DeVincent
IN Harmony ID: LL-SDV-095004
Call number: M1 .D48 Box: 095 No: 004
Note: Copies: 3
Note: Piano, Voice and Chords

Enjoy “The Man with the Mandolin”

historical recordings

The Virtual Gramophone – Historical Recordings from Canada

The Virtual Gramophone is a site where thousands of recordings from the early 20th century from Canada can be found as podcasts or for immediate download.

Welcome to the Library and Archives of Canada’s Virtual Gramophone, a multimedia website devoted to the early days of Canadian recorded sound, providing an overview of the 78-rpm era in Canada.

Edison Opera phonograph with blue amberol cylinder (taken from the virtual gramophone)

I have also found some recordings with a mandolin on this site. If you search for “mandolin” you can find more examples, but the following audio files are available for download:

Lefman; Rosemarin El choclo : tango argentin Details Listen [MP3 1,492 KB]
Lefman; Rosemarin Les flots du Danube = Waves of the Danube Details Listen [MP3 1,510 KB]
Lefman; Rosemarin La spagnola : valse = [The spanish dancer] Details Listen [MP3 1,468 KB]
Trio Napolitain La belle Italie = Beautiful Italy : polka Details Listen [MP3 2,543 KB]
Trio Napolitain Belle Napolitaine = Beautiful Napolitan : valse Details Listen [MP3 2,651 KB]

You can use the Index Sorted by Performer to locate and download those files:


You can also subscribe to several podcasts which collect certain audios to get audio file downloaded automatically to itunes:


The following version of the Maple Leaf Rag can also be found in the Virtual Gramophone:

Vera Guilaroff improvises Scott Joplin’s Maple Leaf Rag 1926

The Virtual Gramophone site has a lot of interesting information about the history of recorded music in Canada. You can find background articles, biographies of many artists, some videos of the gramophones playing the old records and much mor – a great  site if you are interested in historical recordings made on 78 records or even Edison cylinders.


Sheet music

Another site dedicated to the history of music in Canada is the siet Sheet Music From Canada’s Past:


There you can find some nice galleries of title pages of old sheet music, several background articles and much more.

Additional information

Link collection for other great sites with historical recordings of shellac records: http://pinboard.in/u:mandoisland/t:gramophone/

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Historical Recordings with Mandolin (Antique Phonograph Music Program)

Beside the Cylinder Preservation Project about which I have recently written in my blog I have found some other historical recordings. A radio staion in New York has a weekly feature with historical recordings played from Edison-cylinders and other old recordings on the original devices.

I have found the following recordings with mandolin. Those broadcasts are availabe as streaming audio. Some of the tunes are also available in the Cylinder Preservation Project, but there are some additional tunes that can be found here.

You can use the playlists to locate the tunes with mandolin, I have added the time of the beginning of the titles in some cases.

Cacliz March Athenian Mandolin Quartet Victor 18057 Disc 1916

http://www.wfmu.org/playlists/shows/28078 (ca. 22:30)


http://www.wfmu.org/playlists/shows/22073 (second title)

Hungarian Serenade Alessio’s Mandolin Quartet Edison BA 2863 4-minute cylinder 1916

http://wfmu.org/playlists/shows/37230 (11th title, ca. 35:10)

Allegro Vivo William Place Mandolin Quartette Columbia A1656 Disc 1914

http://www.wfmu.org/playlists/shows/35836 (10. Stück, ca. 39:30)

Demetrius C. Dounis – mandolin Souvenir Amberol cylinder 4M-1044 1912

http://www.wfmu.org/playlists/shows/22002 (with a historic picture of  Demetrius C. Dounis; 12th title)

Trio Instrumental Arriaga Jessey – polca Blue Amberol cylinder 22028 (.5) 1913

A comment to this broadcast about the Trio Arriaga:

By the way, i found information about the Trio Arriaga some days ago in the internet :

“The Trio Instrumental Arriaga was a very popular musical ensamble (originally a duet) created by mandolin player Joaquin J. Arriaga, and guitarist Octaviano Yanez, which sucess lead them to record some ballroom pieces in the early 1900’s for the Edison Phonographic Company in blue amberol cylinders, most of the pieces were writen by mexican composer Carlos Curti.


Samuel Siegal – mandolin, M. Lloyd Wolfe – guitar An autumn evening Gold Moulded cylinder 9014 1905


Remembrance Place Mandolin Quartette Columbia A 1656 Disc 1914

http://www.wfmu.org/playlists/shows/36364 (3rd piece, ca. 8:40)

See also the following discussion in the Mandolin Cafe:


My article about recordings of the Cylinder Preservation Projects:

Historical recordings with Mandolin – Cylinder Preservation Project

Additional information

Playlists and Archives for Thomas Edison’s Attic: http://www.wfmu.org/playlists/TE

Antique Phonograph Music Program with MAC: http://wfmu.org/playlists/AP

more articles about historical recordings: http://www.mandoisland.com/?tag=historical-recordings