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Montuno – The New CD of the Duo Recuerda…

Montuno ist the second CD by the Duo ReCuerda with Jeannette and Vicente Mozos del Campo.

The CD contains compositions for mandolin and guitar by Luca Mereu, Burkhard Wolters and Hartmut Klug as well as transcriptions of compositions by George Gershwin and Astor Piazzolla. Most of those pieces have probably been recorded for the first time, which makes this CD very interesting.

Montuno is a very calm and soft CD, the lyrical pieces are very impressing by the tastefull interpretations of the duo. Jeannette Mozos del Campo is a master of the tremolo and knows how to shape the melodies. Both play perfectly together.

Montuno is a great CD that I will listen too again in the future, and I can recommend it to everyone who likes the music of plucked instruments.

Jeannette Mozos del Campo has studied mandolin in Wuppertal with Marga Wilden-Hüsgen and Caterina Lichtenberg. Vicente Mozoz del Campo has studied classical guitar in Wuppertal and has got his master degree at the Conservatorio in Maastricht. Both are active as soloists, teachers and also as publishers of music for mandolin and guitar. A more detailed biography can be found on the website of the Duo ReCuerda.

Composers and Works

Luca Mereu

The CD begins with two pieces by the Italian composer Luca MereuMusica a Due with the movements Girovagando and Immagini.

Girovagando (rambling ) is a charming, lyrical movement with a lively, more rhythmical middle part – one of my favorite pieces on this CD.

The second movement Immagini has parts with rhythmical, distinctive guitar playing, but also and sweet, and dreamy melodies by the mandolin.

Luca Mereu writes about his compositions:

The bond between mandolin and guitar is deeply rooted in the history of both instruments, both in classical and traditional music, and is here represented in DANZA and MUSICA A DUE. In Danza there is a strictly interwoven dialogue between the mandolin and the guitar alternating rapid light movements to sudden bursts, like a real dance. In Musica a Due the mandolin’s bright phrases penetrate like light beams into the harmonic space of the guitar, awaking a quiet impressionism-like memory of a dream.

Burkhard Wolters

Burkhard Wolters has composed the Suite für Mandoline und Gitarre Op. 40 for the Duo ReCuerda. Five very different movements, including Prelude, Allemande and Gigue like in a baroque suite.

The first movement, the the lively Prelude Montuno is inspired by elements from Latin-American music. Jazz elements can be heard in the Jazzy-Waltz, soft guitar chords, a smooth tremolo and ringing harmonics are used in the beautiful Lamento. The final Gigue has again more rhythmically elements played by the guitar, but also sweet melodies in the mandolin.

Astor Piazzolla

Three compositions by Astor Piazzolla – Dernier Lamento, Détresse und Tango Choc – have been arrangend for violin and guitar by Ian Murphy. Those melodies – initially composed for the bandoneon – are also great on mandolin. Jeannette Mozos del Campo knows how to form those melodies and plays them with great musical sense.

George Gershwin

The world of Gershwins Rhapsodie in Blue can be found in a smaller scale in the Three Preludes. The guitarist T. Müller Pering has arranged those pieces for mandolin and guitar

My favorite movement is the second prelude, a kind of slow blues. The introduction by the guitar creates a very special mood, the  melody is enriched with many great tone colors and special picking techniques. The 1st and 3rd prelude are more dominated by rhythmical and percussive elements and allow to be played with more power and energy.

The Duo ReCuerdo has made two videos with the 2nd and 3rd prelude by Gershwin:

G. Gershwin – Prelude 2

G. Gershwin – Prelude 3

Hartmut Klug

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The Louvin Brothers – Charlie and Ira Louvin –…

This morning I have listened to a radio show with a Charlie Louvin interview at NPR – World Cafe Looks Back: Country And Bluegrass. The Louvin Brothers were very popular between 1955 and 1963, Ira Louvin played mandolin and Charlie played the guitar. The harmony singing of this duo was great.

The interview was recorded in 2007 when Charlie Louvin had published a new CD with songs in the classical Louvin Brothers style. One of the most popular song of the Louvin Brothers is Knoxville Girls that can be heard in the NPR broadcast with Charlie Louvin.

I have selected three great early videos with the Louvin Brothers from youtube. Ira Louvin did obviously prefer the Gibson A model mandolins with an oval soundhole as can be seen in those videos and on the picture on the NPR site.

Louvin Brothers – I Don’t Believe You’ve Met My Baby (1956)

Louvin Brothers I Can’t Keep You in Love with Me

The Louvin Brothers Love Thy Neighbor

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Mandolin and Guitar – The Duo Vivesco plays Irish…

Elke Limbach is mandolin player and teacher who teaches mandolin and guitar in her own music school in Hennef-Sieg / Westerhausen which is close to Bonn, the former capital of Germany. Her students were very successfull in the German youth competition “Jugend Musiziert”. She is also conducting several mandolin orchestras.

Together with the guitarist Kanaho Debinski she has founded the Duo Vivesco. This duo plays an interesting program by composers like Astor Piazzolla, Egberto Gismonti, Jaime M.Zenamon, Heitor Villa Lobos, Domenico Scarlatti, Johann Sebastian Bach, Raffaele Calace, Louis Lunazzi, Stanley Myers, Giacomo Puccini or Turlough O`Carolan

Elke Limbach has added 3 videos from a recent concert of the Duo Vivesco with two great performances of Irish folk tunes. I enjoyed listening to their performance very much:

Irische Suite, Turlough o´Carolan, Mandoline und Gitarre

Duo Vivesco, Elke Limbach und Kanaho Debinski. Konzert April 2011

The water is wide, Mandoline und Gitarre

Additional Information

Homepage Duo Vivesco:

Homepage Elke Limbach:

youtube Channel Elke Limbach:

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The Duo Andante from Japan – Mandolin and Guitar…

It is some time ago that I have discovered the videos of the Duo Andante from Japan. The duo plays some nice tunes with mandolin and guitar, including pieces by Bach, Scott Joplin and arrangements of popular Japanese enka-songs.

This is the famous ragtime The Entertainer by Scott Joplin played by the Duo Andante:

The Entertainer

The next video shows the version for mandolin and guitar of the popular enka song  I’m Falling in Love with You Again? This is one of the most successfull enka songs by Fuyumi Sakamoto. I think that the version for mandolin and guitar sounds very good.

wikipedia about this song: The song “Mata Kimi ni Koishiteru” (また君に恋してる, I’m Falling in Love with You Again?) rose to the number-one spot on the RIAJ Digital Track Chart between March 31 and April 6, 2010.[6] On July 13, 2010, Sakamoto’s album Love Songs: Mata Kimi ni Koishiteru (Love Songs〜また君に恋してる〜, Love Songs: I’m Falling in Love with You Again?) has sold a total of 202,000 copies since its release in October 2009, making her the first female enka singer to have an album reach 200,000 in sales since Teresa Teng in 1989.[7]

また君に恋してる~坂本冬美ヴァージョン – Mata Kimi ni Koishiteru

I have compiled more versions of Mata Kimi ni Koishiteru with guitar, ukulele, marimbaphone, guitar and koto and also with a wind orchestra in my playlist:

Playlist Duo Andante – Mandolin and Guitar

Aditional Information:

youtube channel of the Duo Andante with duets and more music by plucked instruments:

Wikipedia about Fuyumi Sakamoto:

free sheet music for  The Entertainer:

free sheet music for  The Entertainer at IMSLP:,_Scott%29

Mandolin Cafe thread about The Entertainer (with sheet music for the mandoline):