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Isabeau et les Chercheurs d’Or – Bluegrass, Country and…

Isabeau et les Chercheurs d’Or is a band from Quebec which plays a greatmix of bluegrass, country, Appalachian music and Franco-Canadian chansons. Isabeau Valois plays mandolin, banjo and guitar, the other band members play more guitars, double bass, drums and fiddle.

All songs are sung in French, including well known songs like the Folsom Prison Blues or songs by the Carter Family.

I have discovered the band on the Concert on Demand site of the CBC where you can listen to a concert with the band.

I have also found several videos at youtube. It’s fun to watch the musicians, they play great music and make a good feeling.

This is a typical bluegrass song – with an interesting video about building a house compiled from historical movies:

Isabeau et les chercheurs d’or – J’vais nous bâtir une maison – Vidéoclip officiel

Isabeau et les Chercheurs d’Or : Festival de la Chanson de Tadoussac 2011

Une « p’tite toune » en kayak à l’Anse à la barque avec Isabeau et les Chercheurs d’or : assister à un concert confortablement installés dans… un kayak!
Au coeur du Parc national du Saguenay, Isabeau et les Chercheurs d’ or nous ont présenté un spectacle magique en pleine nature. Ça vallait bien le coup de pagayer un petit peu, non?
Isabeau Valois : voix, banjo, mandoline
François Gagnon : guitare, voix
Simon Pelletier-Gilbert : batterie, percussions, voix
Cédrik Dessureault : contrebasse
Marie-Christine Roy : violon
Martin Racine : violon

A complete concert with Isabeau et les Chercheurs d’Or is available at the CBC:

Quebec roots music has found a new vedette. Isabeau et les chercheurs d’or are the perfect companion for the honky-tonk lover sitting on the stoop at the farm.

Isabeau Valois and Francois Gagnon are the chief scribes and voices in this quintet of banjo, guitar and mandolin.

Additional Information

Playlist Isabeau el les Chercheurs d’Or:


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Austin City Limits – Great Show with The Civil…

“When you start a band, this is all you really ever wanted to do – play Austin City Limits”- Chris Thile

From Wikipedia:

Austin City Limits (often abbreviated as ACL) is an American public television music program recorded live in Austin, Texas by Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) Public television member station KLRU, and broadcast on many PBS stations around the United States. The show helped Austin to become widely known as the “Live Music Capital of the World,”[citation needed] and is the only television show to receive the National Medal of Arts, which it was awarded in 2003.

On June 21, 2012, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland, Ohio announced that nearly forty years of Austin City Limits footage will be digitally archived “in perpetuity” at the Museum’s new Library and Archives; recordings from more than 800 live performances will be made available to the public.[1]

The last show featured the duo The Civilwars and the Punch Brothers. Chris Thile has informed about the show in his lates Punch Brothers newsletter – so I did watch the video this morning. This great show will be available for about 4 weeks until Dec. 1. 2012 – so do not miss this!

Direct link to the video with The Civil Wars and Punch Brothers:

Main page Austin City Limits:

You can also find short videos from past shows.


Additional Information


Read the related article: Chris Thile and the Punch Brothers on Mountain Stage – Concert at NPR

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My tumblr Archive for September 2012 – Mandolins, Mandolin…

Tumblr is a great way to collect and present pictures and links to interesting videos and other sites. Here is my tumblr archive for September 2012 – click to pictures to open the complete post in a seperate window:

My tumblr site – just scroll down to view:

One topic for me was to extract pictures of mandolin clubs from the yearbooks of the Colorado College in Colorado Springs – I have found many interesting pictures and some programs that have been played by the mandolin clubs.

I have also started to post some pictures from ensembles with mandolin from the Iowa Digital Library Traveling Culture – Circuit Chautauqua in the Twentieth Century:


Download my sheet music at MusicaNeo

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OML – The Orchestra Mandolina Ljubljana from Slovenia –…

The Orchestra Mandolina Ljubljana is the only mandolin orchestra in Slovenia. It was founded 30 years ago. I have found many videos of this orchestra at youtube, including a complete set of videos from the last concert.

Text from the Facebook page of the orchestra:

The Mandolina Ljubljana Orchestra is the only ensemble in Slovenia, whose members have chosen the mandolin as their companion on their musical journey. In Slovenia the mandolin has only recently been given a more significant role in various musical styles, from classical to pop. We, the members of the orchestra feel honoured and obligated to make the audience more familiar with this mellifluous plucked string instrument and to bring to their ears genuine mandolin music. In our repertoire there are also compositions written by classical composers, arrangements of folk tunes, film music and evergreens. We have had numerous successful appearances at home and abroad in more than thirty years of our performing. This, good critics and more and more satisfied audiences, assure us that we are on the right path.

The concert in January 2012 had the slogan “Music from the land of the rising sun” and was composed of works composed by Japanese composers.

Music from the land of the rising sun

Orkester Mandolina Ljubljana with conductor Andrej Zupan

This summer season your beloved OML will be performing original compositions by Yasuo Kuwahara, Hiro Fujikake, Takashi Kubota, Yoshinao Kobayashi and other Japanese composers. Traditional Japanese motifs and specific playing styles give these compositions, writen specifically for mandolin orchestra, the distinct eastern-oriental character, yet for the keen ear the influence of traditional as well as modern school of European musical thought, most noticeably Spanish and Balkan, can be easily recognized.

Playlist – Orkester Mandolina Ljubljana

koncert 23.05.2012 – Slovenska filharmonija – Glazba dežele vzhajajočega sonca

Another concert was given in December 2010, this time the program was composed of modern pop songs and international hits including Oye Como Va, Tico Tico or I Shot The Sherriff:

Playlist Concert 2010


Additional Information

Website Orkester Mandolina Ljubljana:

Facebook Orkester Mandolina Ljubljana:

youtube channel with more videos:

Learn to play the mandolin chords – Great booklet (Amazon partner link)