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Talentos – Trio Hamilton de Holanda (10-string mandolin), Marcos…

Trio Hamilton de Holanda, Marcos Suzano e Jaques Morelenbaum

A TV show from Brazil with Hamilton de Holanda (bandolim), Marcos Suzano (pandeiro and percussion) and Jaques Morelenbaum (violoncello).

Hamilton de Holanda is one of the best bandolim players from Brazil. For this show he is accompanied by cello and percussion. I like the possibilities of this group very much. They play compositions of some famous Brazilian composers like Dorival Caymmi, Baden Powell, Egberto Gismonti and others.

O Talentos registrou show histórico de lançamento do trio Hamilton de Holanda (bandolim 10 cordas), Marcos Suzano (pandeiro e percussão) e Jaques Morelenbaum (cello). Os três gravaram CD ao vivo em Brasília, em dois dias de gravação. No repertório, Dorival Caymmi, Baden Powell, Egberto Gismonti e outros grandes compositores brasileiros.
A ideia nasceu em uma participação especial de Suzano em um show do ‘Hamilton de Holanda Quinteto’ em Curitiba. A parceria se concretizou no Festival de Jazz de Barcelona no final de novembro de 2008 e depois seguiu para Itália e França. O resultado foi tão elogiado que os músicos resolveram gravar um CD juntos. No início de 2009, em um encontro casual pela cena musical carioca, Morelenbaum juntou seu tempero ao duo, formando o trio. “O trio é de uma nacionalidade única, nunca vi esse tipo de formação, dá um ineditismo, e isso é bom pra gente, é bom para o público”, vangloria-se o maestro.

Título: Talentos
Autor: TV Câmara
Categoria: Musica
Idioma: Português
País: Brasil

The original videos have been removed – instead I have compiled a playlist with this trio:

Playliste Trio Hamilton de Holanda, Jaques Morelenbaum e Marcos Suzano


The Plectro Trio from Colombia – Bandola, Tiple and…

Plectro Trio – Colombian Andean Music

The Plectro Trio was founded in 2001. It plays typical Colombian Andean Music with bandola, tiple and guitar. There are many videos with great music by the Plectro Trio.

The colombian bandola is similar to the bandurria of Spain. it has 6 courses with each two or three strings, with a total of 12 or more typical 16 strings. The colombian tiple is shaped like a guitar and has 4 courses with 10 strings.

You can find detailed information about the colombian bandola nad the colombian tiple in the Atlas of Plucked Instruments: http://www.atlasofpluckedinstruments.com/south_america.htm

Flor De Romero Performed by Plectro Trio

Colombian- Bambuco Performed by Plectro Trio- Composer Alvaro Romero Sanchez at the Encuentro de musicos Colombianos en New York

Playlist with videos of the Plectro Trio

Find more videos of the  Plectro Trio from Colombia : http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=plectro+trio+colombia&aq=f

More Information

Homepage of the Plectro Trio: http://www.plectrotrio.com/

Homepage Javier Andres Mesa Martinez (Bandola, Bass, Web Design) : http://javierandresmesa.com/

Homepage with sheet music by the  Plectro Trio and other groups: solo, duo, trio and orchestra pieces: http://www.latinguitarscores.com/index.htm

The majority of these pieces originally composed for ANDEAN COLOMBIAN TRIO by Maestro JAIME ROMERO, have been awarded first place in competitions such as MONO NUÑEZ, COOTRAFA and FESTIVAL DEL PASILLO in Aguadas, Colombia since 1988.

The most outstanding ensembles such as TRIO PALOSANTO, CROMATICO, ESPIRITU COLOMBIANO, PLECTRO TRIO and CUATROPALOS QUARTET among others, have won first prize and/or recorded his themes.

In order to promote Colombian folklore, all these pieces of COLOMBIAN MUSIC for BANDOLA, TIPLE and GUITAR are completly free!. All these themes are duly COPYRIGHT protected and can be freely played for non-commercial activities, otherwise you need to get written permission from the author in order to record or play his music for commercial purposes.

Listen to the complete works for guitar in MIDI, MP3 and WAVE formats and download the scores in PDF format.

Altas of Plucked Instruments: http://www.atlasofpluckedinstruments.com/south_america.htm


The Jumping Fleas Ukulele Band – Norway – Music…

Music is a littlebit – Image is everything!

This three piece ukulele band from Norway has 4 nice videos. I have not found more information about this band, so just enjoy the videos of the Jumping Fleas:

The Jumping Fleas ukulele band – Teaser

The Jumping Fleas ukulele band – Aksjon

The Jumping Fleas ukulele band – Kjerringa


Additional information about the Jumping Fleas


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Italian Old-Time Trio – Traditional Italian Mandolin Music

The Italian Old-Time Trio plays traditional Italian mandolin music with mandolin, guitar and double bass. It  is one of the few ensembles that still plays the traditional Italian mandolin in Italy, the homeland of the mandolin.

Last year the trio had been invited to the 8th Korea Mandolin Festival. Several videos of their performance in Korea are available at youtube. The sound in those videos is quite impressive, I think that the sound has been enhanced with at least some reverb. There are some other videos made in Italy recently with a more natural sound. The first one is a piece by Giovanni GiovaleIdillio Primaverale:

Idillio primaverile (G. Gioviale) – Italian Old-time Trio

The Italian Old-time Triob specializes in traditional Italian dance music composed during the late 19th and early 20th century for mandolin, bass and guitar. The Trio is comprised of three professional musicians from Rome, Fabio Menditto, Angelo Ercoli, and Fabio Refrigeri, who come from diverse musical backgrounds. They are dedicated to performing for modern audiences the live, complex, tradtional dance music of waltzes, polkas, mazurkas, and tarantellas that dominated popular music in Italy before recordings came into existence. The trio has performed widely in Italy and abroad. This video was recorded at the John Felice Rome Center on September 29, 2009, hosting “Sacco and Vanzetti Vivono: Their cultural legacy in film, music and history”.

– video has been removed –

Now one of the videos made in Korea at the Korea Mandolin Festival 2009:

Viale fiorito (G. Gioviale) – Italian Old-time Trio

This video was recorded at the 8th Korea Mandolin Festival 2009.

– video has been removed –

Playlist with 3 videos that are still available:

More videos can be found in the youtube channel of the Italian Old-Time Trio triesis: http://www.youtube.com/user/Triesis

Additonal Information

Informationen about Giovanni Giovale on the homepage of the Federazione Mandolinistica Italiana (FMI) with some free sheet music for download: http://www.federmandolino.it/gioviale.htm