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Yell – A Great Song by Ikimono Gakari –…

Ikimono Gakari is a very successfull Japanese pop trio, the songs by this group are very popular in Japan.

During the last days the song Yell by Ikomono Gakari has sticked to my mind – and I have listened to many videos with different versions of this song.

I have first found a version of this song for mandolin orchestra, and I was fascinated by this music and curious about who was the composer of this piece. In the following video Yell is played by musicians of a mandolin orchestra in Usa, Oita prefecture. The video shows paintings – including some nice paintings with mandolins – while the music plays:


I think this song is really well suited to be played by mandolin orchestra. I have found 3 different versions played by a mandolin orchestra, one version for mandolin and guitar and a great version for classical guitar (video not available in Germany).

“M” YELL いきものがかり Ikimono Gakari

“YELL” Ikimono Gakari, is very, very popular among Japanese teenagers.
NHK, a Japanese TV station, like BBC in the UK, selected this song as a junior high school chorus national contest song in 2009. Therefore, almost every teenager in Japan knows this song so well xD

You may notice that i played another old guitar, which i borrowed from the owner of the old clothing store, Blonde on Blonde, where i happened to dropped-in two weeks ago. There are some old guitars with dust and i decided to pick up some of them to clean, polish and played by me as i love all the guitars on the earth =)

I tried to find out more about this song, and I was surprised that I found many versions of this song sung by youth choirs, including this great video with hundreds of teenaged singers:

郡山第二中学校 「YELL」

Finally I found out  that the song has been composed for a competition held by the Japanese broadcasting company NHK – which led to the fact that almost every teenager now knows this song, and many teenagers have sung the song with a school choir (especially the information from the guitar version above was helpfull to me).

In the meantime I have found many other versions, played by mandolin orchestra, mandolin and guitar, violin, recorder, violin.

Playlist – Yell – by Ikimono Gakari

Additional information

Wikipedia (German) about Ikimono Gakari: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ikimono_Gakari

Wikipedia (Engl.) about Ikimono Gakari: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ikimono-gakari

Lyrics: http://www.kiwi-musume.com/lyrics/ikimonogakari/singles/yell/yell.html

Another great life video by Ikimono Gakari: http://www.wat.tv/video/ikimono-gakari-yell-from-live-3m4r5_2ey5f_.html

More posts about Japan in my blog: http://www.mandoisland.com/?tag=japan

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Farewell to Nova Scotia

The banjo player of my bluegrass band sung this song when we met last time – Farewell to Nova Scotia.  She grew up in Canada and moved back to Germany, and used to sing this song when she felt homesick.

This is a nice folk song, and there are many nice versions at youtube.

My favorite version up to now is the following by Bonnie Dobson – with some nice mandolin playing in the background:

Bonnie Dobson – Farewell to Nova Scotia

A very smooth version played with two harps:

Farewell to Nova Scotia – Ardyth and Jennifer

and a heavy version:

The Real McKenzies – Farewell To Nova Scotia

Playlist with many more versions, for example by:

  • Sons of Maxwell- Sons of Maxwell is a Canadian music duo who perform both traditional Celtic folk music and original compositions with a pop-folk sound.
  • Rising Gael – Rising Gael was named one of the “Best Celtic Folk Bands of 2010” by Marc Gunn on his popular Celtic Music Podcast!
  • Ryan’s Fancy – Ryan’s Fancy was a musical group active from the 1960s until the 1980s, all three of whose members were Irish immigrants to Canada.

Additional information

wikipedia about Farewell to Nova Scotia (with lyrics): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Farewell_to_Nova_Scotia

Homepage The Real McKenzies: http://www.realmckenzies.com/Welcome.html

Homepage RisingGael: http://www.risinggael.com/

Homepage Sons of Maxwell: http://sonsofmaxwell.com/

Wikipedia about Ryan’s Fancy: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ryan%27s_Fancy

Sheet music:





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Ariane Lorch – Mozart Songs with Mandolin – Youth…

Yesterday I found a blog about a new CD with all songs by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart by Naxos. This CD does also include a recording of the song Die Zufriedenheit with mandolin accompaniment. The mandolin part is played by Ariane Lorch:

Die Zufriedenheit: Was frag ich viel nach
Geld und Gut, KV 349**

The blog does also include a player to play this Mozart song at the end! Here is the link to this blog (German):


Ariane Zernecke-Lorch is a German mandolin player and teacher. She has published a mandolin method (Mein erstes Mandolinenbuch) for children and other music. She is teaching for the mandolin orchestra in Wickenrode where she has established a system to teach children of very young age. All the children start playing with the orchestra after short time. Special mandolins for children and special strings have also been developped.

The following video shows Ariane Lorch conducting the youth mandolin orchestra of Wickenrode at the music fest of the BDZ (plucked strings association) of Hessen in 2009:

Jugendorchester Wickenrode – Auszug aus “10 leichte Stücke”

Aufnahme vom Jugendorchester Wickenrode anlässlich des Landesmusikfestes vom BDZ Hessen 2009. Leitung Ariane Zernecke-Lorch

Here is another video of the same group:

Jugendorchester Wickenrode – Conjuration

In the following video two players from Wickenrode who won a price in the German contest for young instrumentalists “Jugend Musiziert” play the beginning of the Andante con Variazioni by Ludwig van Beethoven in a version for mandolin and guitar:

Jugend musiziert Preisträger von dem MO Wickenrode

Other Resources:

Ariane Lorch at Naxos: http://www.naxos.com/artistinfo/Ariane_Lorch/65716.htm

Homepage Ariane Zernecke-Lorch: http://www.duo-lorch.com/ und http://www.duo-lorch.com/duolorch.html

Homepage of the Mandolinen- und Gitarrenverein 1923 Wickenrode:

Youtube channel with more mandolin orchestra videos from the musicfest in Hessen 2009: http://www.youtube.com/user/60erklaus



Dan Mangan – Robots

Some days ago I have heard a song in the Canada Live Podcast that sticked to my mind. The singer is named Dan Mangan and was just elected as Artist of the Year of the XM Satellite’s Verge Music. I do especially like the end of the song, where the audience is asked to sing the chorus with the singer:

Robots need love too, they want to be loved by you.

Another interesting thing is, that a Weissenborn guitar is used in the arrangement of the song, a special kind of Hawaiian slide guitar.

On Dan Mangans website danmanganmusic.com you can find this:

After two sold out CD Release shows at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre, Mangan looks forward to bringing his four-piece and new material across Canada in October and throughout Europe in November / December ‘09. To boot, Mangan recently took home “Artist Of The Year” from XM Satellite’s Verge Music Awards, beating out acts like Joel Plaskett and Alexisonfire for the top spot – a high profile award with a $25,000 cash-prize.

Dan Mangan will go on tour in Germany in late 2009, and I think the Germans will like his songs too.

This is the CD version of robots in a video with some drawings of robots:

Dan Mangan – Robots

And this is a live version of Robots:

Dan Mangan – Robots – Vancouver Folk Fest ’09

Additional information

Dan Mangan Website

CD tipp (Amazon partnerlink)

Club Meds – Dan Mangan