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Mandolin' Club de Paris Disques Festival - Postcard mandolin orchestra

The Mandolin’ Club de Paris – Videos, a Postcard…

The Mandolin’ Club de Paris was a very successful mandolin orchestra which has recorded several albums. The orchestra was conducted by Jeanne Ricada Mathorez (1887 – 1980). A recording of the orchestra has been awarded the Grand Prix du Disque in 1954.

I have found two albums by the Mandolin’ Club at Spotify. I have listened to those two albums – and I must say that the recordings are made very well. The mandolin orchestra is using flutes, castagnettes, Hawaii guitar or the piano as additional instruments to make the performences interesting.

I have recently found two great videos with the Mandolin’ Club de Paris at youtube – you should really watch those videos! By the way – Ricada Mathorez (born in 1887) is aged 80 in the second video, and almost 87 in the first!

2 03 1974 Mandolin’ Club de Paris Top à Jacques Dutronc

Le Mandoline Club de Paris joue “Les bateliers de la Volga”

26 novembre 1968
Le Mandolin’s Club de Paris joue “Les bateliers de la Volga”, musique traditionnelle russe. Émissions TV, Archive tv, Archive television, tv replay live, live music, french tv Images d’archive INA
Institut National de l’Audiovisuel

Video must be viewed directly on youtube: http://youtu.be/rJJ_YPooEA4

I have just bought some sheet music with two pieces by Jose Santis that have been played and recorded by the Mandolin’ Club – Cortijera und Ole Jerez! On the cover you can find a picture of the orchestra and the following:

2 Formidables Paso Dobles de Celebre Compositeur Espagnol Jose Sentis.

Cortiera – Olé Jérez!

Enregistrés sur disques Festival par

Le Mandolin’ Club de Ricada Mathorez

Grand Prix du Disque 1954

I do also own a postcard of the Mandolin’ Club with their instruments nicely decorated in front of the orchestra. I have made a small gallery withthe 3 pictures – just click on one of the picture to open the gallery:

I do not know how long the Mandolin’ Club de Paris has existed. Ricada Mathorez died in 1980, probably the club stopped playing some years after those videos were made.

Additional Information

Two records of the Mandolin’ Club are available at spotify – just search for “Mandolin Club” .

Blog post in French about  the Mandolin’ Club de Paris

Jeanne Ricarda Mathorez – biographie (French)

(a translation of this would be great)

Wikipedia about Jose Sentis

Playliste with the videos of the Mandolin’ Club de Paris and some compositions by Jose Sentis in histoirical recordings and modern versions for mandolin orchestra

A video with the recording of “Lisboa Antigua” can be found on the following page: Lisboa Antigua

Amazon Partnerlink – Two albums als mp3 Download:


favorite tunes

La Fustemberg – Variations by Antoine Riggieri for Solo…

Variations on “La Fustemberg” by Antoine Riggieri, played by Carlo Aonzo, Kozo Onishi, Mona Huang and Ugo Orlandi.

Antoine Riggieri - La Fustemberg - Variazioni No. 10
Antoine Riggieri – La Fustemberg – Variazioni No. 10

A modern edition of this work has been published by the publishing company Grenzland Verlag

Antonio Riggieri (um 1780)
“La Fustemberg” Variationen

Einrichtung: Marga Wilden-Hüsgen. Ein reizvolles Werk des Meisters des klassi-
schen Mandolinenspiels. Geeignet f. Wettbewerb “Jugend-musiziert”, A.S. IV – V
Aufführungsdauer: 18 Min.; Schwierigkeitsgrad: mittel – schwer.
Preis: € 6,15

Playlist La Fustemberg – Variationi No. 10

The playlist contains recordings by Carlo Aonzo, Ugo Orlandi, Kozo Onishi from Japan and Mona Huang who plays on a baroque mandolin.


The works by Antoine Riggieri – a book with 125 pages – can be found in the National Library of Franc ( bnf). It contains the Variations on La Fustemberg at the end of the book beginning on page 122:

Titel : Menuets, allemandes et petits allegro à deux mandolines ou violon avec six sonates à mandolines ou violon. On trouvera une sonate à mandoline accord différant marquant dites accord avec le menuet chéri de l’auteur en variations… Oeuvre IVe. Gravé par Mme Oger…

Autor : Riggieri, Antoine. Compositeur

Verleger : l’auteur (Paris)

Erscheinungsdatum : 1770


The melody “La Fustemberg” was very popular in Paris after 1770. I have found another work with variations on La Fustemberg for harpsichord in the bnf – this might be interesting too:

Titre : La Furstemberg avec 12 variations. Arrangées pour le clavecin ou le piano-forte… Seconde édition augmentée de six variations…

Auteur : Benaut, Josse-François-Joseph (1743-1794). Compositeur

Éditeur : l’auteur (Paris)

Date d’édition : 1778



Duo Conversa – Lydie Barrancos (Flute) and Pascal Bournet…

I have recently found a note about the Duo Conversa at twitter. The Duo Conversa is composed of Lydie Barrancos (flute) and Pascal Bournet (guitar). The duo plays music from South America and from Ireland, a great selection with good arrangements.

With its original repertoire of creations and arrangements around themes from the whole world, Conversa offers you a journey throughout flute’s and guitar’s tones.

The flute, instrument of all times, and the guitar, intrument of all continents, bring into echo the multiplicity of the world cultures’ original sounds.

Conversa will accompany us in an authentic and universal dialogue and then will echo in each of us the emotional world of us all.

Pascal Bournet has arranged all the pieces for flute and guitar. Most of the pieces have been published and are available, you can find the details on his website. Some of the pieces have been composed byPatrick Bournet, the brother of Pascal and a guitarist as well.

In the youtube channel of Pascal Bournetyou can also find some interesting pieces for clarinet and guitar as well as solo pieces for the guitar and duos for two guitars.

Oblivion (A.Piazzolla)

Le duo Pascal Bournet-Cindy Descamps joue Piazzolla.
Arrangement P.Bournet
Guitare: Sakurai PC

Playlist Duo Conversa

Additonal Information

Website Pascal Bournet: http://www.pascalbournet.info

Review of the CD Boa Fonte (German): http://www.oneworld.at/start.asp?ID=241844

youtube channel Pascal Bournet: http://www.youtube.com/user/Bestofjuly1/videos


Pirate Heart and Ukulele – Coeur De Pirate &…

The Canadian singer Coeur de Pirate (pirate heart) has sung the song Umbrella together with Julien Doré in thr French TV Show Taratata.

This is a great example of a song that is accompanied by just a ukulele.

Coeur De Pirate & Julien Doré “Umbrella” // “Pour Un Infidèle” (Live On Taratata Juin 2009)

Les duos et reprises de Taratata sont l’occasion unique pour les interprètes de revisiter un titre d’un autre répertoire. Julien Doré, familier de l’exercice, s’était associé avec la chanteuse Coeur de Pirate (Béatrice Martin) pour rejouer au ukulélé le titre phare de Rihanna : “Umbrella”.

Orignal Song “Umbrella” by Rihanna.
Album Good Girl Gone Bad – 2007

TARATATA N 319 (Diff. France 4 le 12/06/09)

Coeur de Pirate sings mainly songs (chansons) in French language. She is mainly popular in Canada and in France.

If you like French chansons you can listen to the playlist with songs by Coeur de Pirate on the CBC site.

Additional Information

Website Coeur de Pirate: http://www.coeurdepirate.com/

Wikipedia about Coeur de Pirate: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/C%C5%93ur_de_pirate

Béatrice Martin (born September 22, 1989), better known by her stage name Cœur de pirate (French: pirate heart) is a Canadian singer-songwriter. A francophone from Montreal, she sings mostly in French and has been credited with “bringing la chanson française to a whole new generation of Quebec youth”.

Playliste with songs by Coeur de Pirate

Wikipedia about Taratata:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taratata

Artists including Devendra Banhart, Katie Melua, and Ayo made their French TV debut on the show. The show’s chief lighting technician, Jean-Philippe Bourdon, was awarded two Sept d’or in 1994 and 1995.

The show features unique duets and highlights new artists and uses different presenters for each episode. These aspects, and the general emphasis on original music, led the Conseil supérieur de l’audiovisuel to identify Taratata as a uniquely creative show on French TV in April 2009.