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Baden Powell – Valsa Sem Nome – A Waltz…

The second to last piece in the Songbook Choro is Valsa Sem Nome von Vinicius de Moraes and Baden Powell. This choro is mostly played on the classical guitar, and it is a very popular guitar piece.

I have collected many great videos of this tune in my playlist below.

This is Valsa Sem Nome played by Baden Powell himself:

Baden Powell plays Valsa sem nome

And this is the same tune sung by Elizeth Cardoso:

Elizeth Cardoso – Valsa sem nome

Playlist Valsa Sem Nome

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Wikipedia about Vinicius de Moraes:

Songbook Choro

Remexendo – a happy Choro by Radamés Gnatalli

Today I have listened to another choro from the Songbook Choro – Remexendo – a happy choro by Radamés Gnatalli .

On my homepage MandoIsland I am working on a projec twhere I try to find videos and additional information about the 97 choros contained in the Songbook Choro. The Songbook Choro project pages can be found here:

Remexendo is being played on different instruments. In my playlist below you can find versions with two guitars, piano and percussion, accordeon and electric guitar, flute, but also versions in a typical choro arrangement with bandolim, cavaquinho, pandeiro and guitar.

One of my favorite version is played by a big ensemble of wind instruments:

Remexendo – Fuiosa Portátil com Época de Ouro na rádio nacional

Playlist Remexendo

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Songbook Choro project on my homepage MandoIsland: