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Here Comes the Sun – Beatles Song – Mandolin…

I have just dicovered this beautiful arrangement of the Beatles song Here Comes The Sun. I do not know if the TABs for this arrangement are available, but the video shows very good how the tune is played:

Here Comes the Sun mandolin

My version of the Beatles song I Wanna Be Your Man

Playlist Beatles-Songs on Mandolin

Sheet music for Mandolin (Amazon partnerlink)

Beatles for Mandolin


pop and rock

Beatles and Bluegrass / Beatlegras, Waylanders, Rhonda Vincent, and…

Recently I heard a broadcast about songs by the Beatles and also by Tom Waits in Country and Bluegrass music. As I have been a fan of the Beatles all my life, I made a search for the most interesting videos of Beatles songs in youtube, and I have found a lot of interesting stuff. Here are the most interesting discoveries I have made:


Let’s start with the band Beatlesgras, a trio that has produced 3 CDs with Beatles’ songs. Beatlegras play fantastic arrangements with guitar, mandolin, double bass and of course with perfect harmony singing.

Beatlegras are:

Dave Walser (guitar, vocals);

Milo Deering (anything with strings, vocals);

George Anderson (upright bass, vocals)

Beatlegras blends Beatles tunes with the purebred acoustical stylings of American bluegrass. The trio infuses timeless Fab-Four melodies with a melange of bluegrass, jazz, country and classical influences.

beatlegras Magical Mystery Tour

Another very good video of Beatlegras is this – the opening of a concert in Dallas with Back in the U.S.S.R.:

More videos of Beatlegras in my playlist or on the Beatlegras homepage. Some audio examples can also be found on the homepage and on the myspace page of Beatlegras.

The Waylanders – “Rain”

A bluegrass interpretation of the Beatles’ tune, “Rain.” The Waylanders are:
Alex Shamgochian – guitar;
James Butrym – mandolin;
Mike Caffrey – banjo;
Dan Gannon – fiddle;
Dave Carney – bass;
Dave Wasser – dobro, ukulele

Playlist Beatles and Bluegrass

You can find many more videos and discover some more interesting bands in my playlist with many songs of the Beatles in Bluegrass style.

Some examples from the playlist:

  • Steve Earl and the Bluegrass Dukes – I’m looking through you
  • last fair deal – Baby’s In Black (with accordion!)

Enjoy listening!

Additional information

Beatlegras on myspace:

Pickin’ on the Beatles at Airplay Direct:

Amazon Partnerlink:

Pickin’ on the Beatles