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Hamilton de Holanda – The great Brazilian Bandolim Player…

I have compiled a new playlist with Hamilton de Holanda and listened to this great Brazilian bandolim player during the last weeks. Hamilton plays alone, with piano or with bigger ensembles. He plays his 10-strings bandolim which has become very popular in Brazil during the recent years.

Hamilton plays traditional choros, Brazilian Jazz and many of his own compositions. He is a fantastic, creative musician and composer, and he is travelling around the world with his music.

Enjoy the music of Hamilton de Holanda!

Additional information

Interview with Hamilton de Holanda – a geat way to hear about his music and the bandolim:

Website Hamilton de Holanda

Wikipedia about Hamilton de Holanda

link collection Hamilton de Holanda – reviews, interviews, etc.

Interview with Hamilton de Holanda (German)

“Gute Musik braucht keine Etiketten, um zu existieren”, sagt Hamilton de Holanda, der schon seit 33 Jahren vernarrt in den Bandolim ist, eine Weiterentwicklung der Mandoline.


Brasileirinho – The Sound of Rio – A Film…

n his movie “The Sound of Rio – Brasileirinho” Mika Kaurismäki has made a great portrait of the Brazilian choro. I had not seen this movie until now, but I have recently found this movie (with the Portuguese title “Brasileirinho – Grandes Encontros do Choro”) on youtube. If you are interested in Brazilian choro and have not seen this movie you should take the chance to watch it now.

An interview (in German) about  the movie: Interview mit Mika Kaurismäki auf

The soundtrack of the movie is available as CD. You can buy the DVD and CD on amazon (partnerlink):

Brasileirinho – The Sound of Rio

With Trio Madeira Brazil, Teresa Cristina, Yamandu Costa, Zezé Gonzaga, Paulo Moura, Luciano Rabelo, and many more great musicians from Brazil.

I have collected short videos from the movie in the following playlist. Sometimes the complete movie is also available.

Additional Information

Website Mika Kaurismäki

Brasileirinho – Grandes Encontros do Choro in the movie database

Wikipedia about the movie  Brasileirinho(German)

Interview mit Mika Kaurismäki (German)

Interview: Mika Kaurismaki – Moro No Brasil

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Agradecendo – A Great Choro-Waltz by Pixinguinha

Recently I have dicovered a great waltz by Pixinguinha and have started to practice this tune.

I have found four videos including two videos with the clarinet quintet Quinteto Madeira de Vento and one with violin and accordeon.

My favorite version ist the version by the LGEM Trio with flute, guitar and percussion. This trio makes a big difference between the slow first part of the waltz and the faster second and third parts, which makes listening to Agradecendo very interesting. I do also like the guitar part of this version.

The LGEM Trio – Pixinguinha – Agradecendo, valsa

The LGEM Trio – Live in Concert
October 9, 2005
Miami Lakes United Methodist Church

The LGEM Trio

Robert David Billington, flute
Roger bustamante, guitar
Edwin Guerra, MIDI percussion

I am sure that this choro waltz will aso sound great when played with mandolin and guitar!

Playlist Agradecendo – Pixinguinha

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Additional Information

The sheet music by Pixinguinha is still protected by copyright, maybe you can find a copy with the google picture search.

The waltz  Agradecendo is contained in the follwing songbook: O melhor de Pixinguinha

which is available at Atlantico Books:


Waldir Azevedo – Master of the Cavaquinho – Roda…

The last four editions of the radio show  “Roda de Choro” of the Brazilian Radio MEC were dedicated to the music of  Waldir Azevedo. This is a great chance to download almost three hours of music by Waldir Azevedo, with recordings from 1957 until 1979, as the radio shows are available as podcasts.

Waldir Azevedo was one of the most important composers of choros in Brazil, he has composed the famous tunes Brasileirinho, Delicado and Pedacoinhos do Ceu. Waldir Azevedo was the first player who used the cavaquinho as a melody- and solo-instrument.


Waldir Azevedo (Rio De Janeiro, January 23, 1923 – São Paulo, September 21, 1980) was a choro conductor and performer. He wrote 130 compositions during his lifetime and played the cavaquinho. He is considered by many to be the first Brazilian cavaquinho shredder ever. One of his compositions, Delicado [Baiao], is a Latin American dance that has been arranged for piano.

The Radio MEC choro podcasts are no more available!

I have made screenshots of the programs of the four podcasts dedicated to the music of Waldir Azevedo as a reference:

Part 1 – Nov. 6, 2012

 Part 2, Nov. 13, 2012

Read more “Waldir Azevedo – Master of the Cavaquinho – Roda de Choro Podcast (Radio MEC)”