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Electric Chair Mandolin Ensemble from Japan – New Videos

A tweet brought some new videos with the Electric Chair ensemble from Japan to my interest.
The Electric Chair ensemble will play at the Eurofestival Zupfmusik in Bruchsal, Germany in two weeks.

Enjoy the three new videos:

Rashari / Electric Chair + keke

Electric Chair + keke @Constantine Showcase PartyFeb,21st @SuperDeluxe 2010

春は楽し / Electric Chair

櫻 / Electric Chair

See also my previous post about the Eurofestival and the Electric Chair ensemble: http://www.gezupftes.de/?p=1524

Playlist Electric Chair Orchestra


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Railroad Song – Yasuo Kuwahara and Carlos Blanco Ruiz…

Today a new fantastic mandolin video has been uploaded to youtube by Carlos Blanco Ruiz. The video shows a performance of Railroad Song, a composition by Yasuo Kuwahara, played by the composer himself on the mandolin and Carlos Blanco Ruiz on the guitar. It was recorded in 1999.

This is the first time that I saw Kuwahara play the mandolin, and he really knows what is possible on the mandolin – a fantastic showpiece of mandolin technique.

Don’t miss this video!!

Railroad Song

Yasuo Kuwahara mandolina rail road Song * Carlos Blanco Ruiz guitarra La Orden de la Terraza Haro 25 años 1999

Playlist Railroad Sonmg by Yasuo Kuwahara

Additional information

Wikipedia about Yasuo Kuwahara (German): http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yasuo_Kuwahara


Talilele – Mixed Ukulele and Mandolin-Orchestra from Kobe /…

When I looked for other videos of the Kansai Mandolin Ensemble I found the following video of a group named Talilele of 27 players with mandolins, ukuleles and other plucked instruments.

Something Unexpected: Talilele

This group is composed of 27 players of ukuleles, cigar box ukues, mandolins, mandolas, banjo and some Japanese instruments and reminds me very much to the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain. The sound is great and the energy of the group is fantastic.

The next video includes a lot of percussion played on the instruments:

Jyounetu Tairiku Cover Practice Talilele ukulele Orchestra

This last une was composed by the Japanese violin player Taro Hakase.

You can find a video of this with Taro Hakase & Iwao Furusawa – Jounetsu Tairiku

I have found some other videos of this group and made a playlist with all videos:


Talilele on Myspace

The group Talilele  has a Myspace page too: http://www.myspace.com/talilele where I have found the following description of Talilele:

“TALILELE”, the ukulele orchestra in Kobe, was formed by the complete beginner players in October 2006. Almost 2’n half years have passed since then and you can’t call us beginners any more! (may be)Well, technically speaking, we are still far away from master of UKE, indeed. However, our love for music, overnight tender tough trainings by our concert master, AND bunch of liqure have been making amateur players “performers”, we believe. Wow! Hope to see you someday & somewhere. Thank you for keep encouragings!

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Kansai Mandolin Ensemble SMK – Kobe / Japan –…

The Kansai Mandolin Ensemble SMK from Kobe, Japan is expecting its 50th birthday next year. It was founded in 1960 and has made tours to Italy, Germany and Greece.

The description of the videos does contain the following text in Italian language:

gruppi di concerto di mandolino
Noi siamo gruppi di insieme di mandolino giapponesi
Io salutero il 50 anniversario il prossimo anno

The group has uploaded many videos from the latest two concerts to youtube – unfortunately almost all of the videos are limited to ca. 1:30 minutes, so it is not possible to listen to the complete works.

The first concert was played by an ensemble of 5 mandolins, a mandola, a guitar, a bass and two keyboard instruments.

The progam of the first concert was mostly composed of transcriptions of classical works for mandolin ensemble.

  • Slavische Tanze - A. Dvorak
  • Melody in F - A. Rubinstein
  • Balletmusik aus Orpheus - C. W. Gluck
  • Tambourin - J. P. Rameau
  • Walzer - J. Brahms
  • Barcarolle - P. Tschaikowsky
  • Andante Cantabile - P. Tschaikowsky
  • Träumerei – Schumann

The videos of the second concert shows an ensemble of 10 players composed of mandolins, mandolas, mandoloncello and guitar. In this concert several pieces by J. S. Bach were played.

Playlist with all videos by the SMK mandolin ensemble:

Additional information

youtube channel of the Kansai Mandolin Ensemble: http://www.youtube.com/user/SMK1445

On the homepage of the Kansai Mandolin Ensemble you can find information about the history of the group, a list of pieces arranged for the ensemble and further information: Homepage (with google translation to German): www.kansai-mandolin.com

and to English: www.kansai-mandolin.com

CD recommendation

All The Rage – Mandolin Ensemble Music From 1897-1924 (Amazon partnerlink)