About me

I am a mandolin player form Freiburg, Germany.
I have played in different mandolin orchestras, including the Badisches Zupforchester and the German Zupforchester. I have conducted three mandolin orchestras. For almost 15 years I am playing the mandolin in a bluegrass band named Blackberry Jam.
I have started my homepage mandoisland.de many years ago, where I am collecting interesting information about the mandolin and its music, including classical mandolin, music for mandolin orchestras, folk, bluegrass, brazilian choro, music from Venezuela or Puerto Rico and much more. On my homepage you can also find free sheetmusic and mandolin methods for download and liks to other sites with free sheet music for tha mandolin and guitar.
I do also compose music for the mandolin and guitar and I have published several books for the mandolin.
In this blog I am collecting links, interesting videos and information about music for plucked instruments, lutherie, bluegrass and music in general.

You will find more information about me at www.mandoisland.de
You can find my own videos with mandolin, guitar, ukulele and waldzither  in my youtube channel Mandoisland

You can make comments to my posts too!

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