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The adventures of the Duyfken: Suite for mandolin orchestra & percussion

Recently I have found some videos of a new composition for mandolin orchestra and percussion by Australian composer Richard Charlton: The adventures of the Duyfken The vessel Duyfken was a Dutch ship that was the first ship to reach Australia in 1606: In 1606, the small Dutch ship Duyfken sailed from the Indonesian island of [...]

Mandolin Boogie – Armstrong Twins / Arthur Smith

Today I have found two different Mandolin Boogies at youtube. The first version was recorded by the Armstrong Twins in 1946. The Armstrong Twins were  one of the successful duos who sang country songs with guitar and mandolin. Other duos were The Monroe Brothers, Jim and Jesse, Homer and Jethro or Lonzo and Oscar. The [...]

Marit Larsen and the Mandolin – Steal my Heart

Marit Larsen has become very popular in Germany, currently she is touring through Germany and I have read some articles about her. Very often I could read, that she does also play the mandolin too in her shows. Today I tried to find some interesting videos with Marit Larsen and the mandolin – here is [...]

Children’s Master Class Concert – Mandolin Symposium 2004

Some days ago many videos from the Mandolin Symposiums have been uploaded by youtube user mandotunes. My faorite video at the moment is a video of a performance of the Children’s Master Class in 2004. The group was conducted by Chris Thile and did really give a great performance – do not miss this! Children’s [...]

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