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Afenginn “Bastard-Punk-Ethno” – New Album “Bastard Etno”

Today I found a press release about the latest album Bastard Etno of the Danish-Finish band Afenginn which is released today. This made me curious and I listened to the tracks available on Afenginns myspace page. Finnish mandolinist Kim Nyberg composes almost all of their music. Afenginn is the winner of the Danish Folk Price [...]

Ariane Lorch – Mozart Songs with Mandolin – Youth Mandolin Orchestra Wickenrode

Yesterday I found a blog about a new CD with all songs by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart by Naxos. This CD does also include a recording of the song Die Zufriedenheit with mandolin accompanyment. The mandolin part is played by Ariane Lorch: Die Zufriedenheit: Was frag ich viel nach Geld und Gut, KV 349** The blog [...]

Larry Keel and Adam Aijala / / Flatpicking Guitar

Yesterday I found apodcst of Randell’s Random Reviews with Nickel Creek that I had downloaded long ago to my computer. So I tried to find out where I had got this podcast from and (re)discovered I checked for their latest podcasts and discovered a nice concert with Larry Keel and Adam Aijala which is [...]

Talilele – Mixed Ukulele and Mandolin-Orchestra from Kobe / Japan

When I looked for other videos of the Kansai Mandolin Ensemble I found the following video of a group named Talilele of 27 players with mandolins, ukuleles and other plucked instruments. Something Unexpected: Talilele This group is composed of 27 players of ukuleles, cigar box ukues, mandolins, mandolas, banjo and some Japanese instruments and reminds [...]

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